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USDA Announces $500 Million for Expanded Meat & Poultry Processing Capability as Portion of Efforts to Amplify Competition, Level the Having fun with Arena for Family Farmers and Ranchers, and Blueprint a Better Food Scheme

Council Bluffs, I.A., July 9, 2021 – As we issue, USDA is announcing it intends to keep vital investments to lengthen processing ability and lengthen competitors in meat and poultry processing to keep agricultural markets extra accessible, pretty, aggressive, and resilient for American farmers and ranchers. Here is one in every of quite a lot of key steps that USDA will make a choice to lengthen competitors in agricultural markets, pursuant to President Biden’s Government Narrate on selling competitors and as share of USDA efforts to fabricate a extra resilient present chain and better food machine. Collectively, USDA’s actions can help farmers, ranchers, farmworkers and patrons all earn a sexy shake.

Namely, USDA announced its intent to invest $500 million in American Rescue Plot funds to lengthen meat and poultry processing ability in content that farmers, ranchers, and patrons hang extra picks in the market. USDA also announced bigger than $150 million for existing itsy-bitsy and in actuality itsy-bitsy processing facilities to lend a hand them weather COVID, compete in the market and earn the make stronger they want to reach extra customers. USDA can be maintaining meatpackers guilty by revitalizing the Packers and Stockyards Act, issuing fresh principles on “Fabricated from USA” labels, and establishing plans to lengthen farmers’ earn admission to to fresh markets.

“The COVID-19 pandemic ended in broad disruption for growers, food workers, and patrons alike. It exposed a food machine that used to be inflexible, consolidated, and fragile. Meanwhile, these rising, processing and preparing our food are earning less yearly in a machine that rewards dimension over all else,” stated Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “To shift the balance of vitality lend a hand to the folk, USDA will invest in building extra, better, and fairer markets for producers and patrons alike.  The investments USDA will keep in rising meat and poultry ability, in conjunction with restoration of the Packers and Stockyards Act, will inaugurate up to stage the playing field for farmers and ranchers. Here is a as soon as in a generation opportunity to radically change the food machine so it is extra resilient to shocks, delivers bigger worth to growers and workers, and affords patrons a cheap replacement of wholesome food produced and sourced in the neighborhood and regionally by farmers and processors from numerous backgrounds. I am confident USDA’s investments in expanded ability will spur millions extra in leveraged funding from the deepest sector and content and native companions as our efforts keep traction all through the country.”

The announcement USDA is making on the present time is share of the Biden-Harris Administration’s historic dedication to warfare monopolization and promote competitors all through the economy. They also are aligned with USDA’s vision of a food machine that is pretty, aggressive, dispensed, and resilient, one that supports effectively being and ensures producers receive a sexy allotment of the food buck while advancing equity and combating the climate crisis.  Within the arriving months, USDA will make a choice further steps to advertise competitors and keep a series of further investments below USDA’s Blueprint Support Better Initiative excited by building a more in-depth food machine.

Market Concentration in Agriculture

As key agricultural markets hang change into extra concentrated and no more aggressive, farmers and ranchers are getting squeezed from each and every facets. Markets for farm inputs—admire seeds and fertilizer—are now dominated by factual a few companies. Meanwhile, farmers and ranchers hang fewer and fewer alternate choices for selling their merchandise. The consequence is that on a new foundation family farmers and ranchers are getting less, patrons are paying extra, and these in the center are taking the distinction. 

Dominant companies can utilize their vitality to have interaction in abusive practices and keep it extra difficult for farmers, ranchers, and patrons to earn a sexy place. Farmers’ allotment of every buck spent on food has declined constantly from 35 cents in the 1970s to spherical factual 14 cents in most in vogue years.

Concentration in food processing has contributed to bottlenecks in The United States’s food present chain, too. Appropriate a few meatpackers, with a few natty processing facilities, course of many of the cattle that farmers and ranchers raise into the meat that we prefer. As an instance, factual four natty meat-packing companies regulate over 80 percent of the pork market on my own. One amongst the classes from the COVID-19 pandemic is that this methodology is simply too inflexible and too fragile. When COVID slowed or shuttered meat processing, many farmers had no plot to switch. Farmers were compelled to depopulate their animals, while grocery retailer shelves went bare and request for food aid spiked. These vulnerabilities are no longer fresh. And, given most in vogue concerns about climate and cybersecurity, these risks are liable to grow even extra sharply in the ruin. 

USDA is announcing the following initiatives to lengthen competitors in agricultural markets, and manufacture extra resilience present chains:

Investing Extra Than $500 million to Amplify Competition and Capability in the Meat and Poultry Processing Markets.

  • USDA will commit $500 million of USDA’s Blueprint Support Better Initiative funds through the American Rescue Plot to make stronger fresh aggressive entrants in meat and poultry processing.  USDA will present grants, loans, and technical aid to address concentration all through the meat and poultry sectors and lend a hand present chain bottlenecks by supporting fresh meat and poultry processing facilities. These facilities will keep aggressive opportunities for producers in local and regional food programs in content that farmers and ranchers hang earn admission to to raised picks and fairer costs. USDA has issued a Ask for Info (RFI) to solicit public input into its solution to give a boost to meat and poultry processing infrastructure and can preserve focused stakeholder conferences and other public engagement to raised stamp the desires, gaps, and bounds to pretty and aggressive meat processing markets.

Offering bigger than $150 million to Enhance Current Small and Very Small Processing Amenities and Serve Them Weather COVID, Preserve in the Market, and Lengthen Capability

  • USDA will invest bigger than $55 million in strengthening existing itsy-bitsy and in actuality itsy-bitsy meat processing ability, benefitting smaller producers and processing crops.  USDA has made $55.2 million readily in the market for Meat and Poultry Inspection Readiness Grants to make stronger expanded meat and poultry slaughter and processing ability and effectivity while affirming fetch inspection and food safety standards.
  • USDA will dedicate $100 million to lend a hand itsy-bitsy and in actuality itsy-bitsy processing crops weather the volatility and surprising costs that COVID imposed.  With American Rescue Plot funds, USDA will present $100 million to prick lend a hand the monetary burden of time beyond laws inspection funds for itsy-bitsy and in actuality itsy-bitsy poultry, meat and egg processing crops, which present farmers with local imaginable picks and greater ability to course of cattle.

Leveling the Having fun with Arena for Independent Family Farmers and Ranchers

  • USDA will revitalize the Packers and Stockyards Act to warfare unfair practices and rebuild a aggressive market. The Packers and Stockyards Act used to be designed to ensure a sexy and aggressive market and defend farmers against abuse on the hands of natty agencies in the cattle and poultry business. Nevertheless the outdated administration systematically weakened the laws’s scope. To facilitate effective enforcement of the Act, USDA will seemingly be conducting three rulemakings. First, the rulemakings will elaborate the habits that USDA considers a violation of the Packers and Stockyards Act, in conjunction with habits that is unfair, misguided, or unjustly discriminatory against farmers and growers. Second, they are able to address oppressive practices in rooster processing. Third, the rulemakings will make stronger the longstanding USDA set up of dwelling that it is no longer vital to display conceal wretchedness or seemingly wretchedness to competitors in present to ascertain a violation of the Act.
  • USDA will accomplish a plan to lengthen farmers’ and ranchers’ earn admission to to fresh markets, and promote their ability to receive a sexy return. As per the President’s Government Narrate on selling competitors, USDA will accomplish a plan to lengthen opportunities for farmers to earn admission to markets, in conjunction with by supporting worth-added markets and native and regional food distribution programs. USDA will also analyze and imply policies to address the impacts of concentration in seeds and in the retail sector on family farmers, and imply strategies to give a boost to transparency and accountability in key markets. Collectively, these initiatives will give farmers extra picks on how they prefer and promote so that they aren’t on the mercy of a handful of dominant processors and distributors.
  • USDA will distress fresh principles on labeling in content that domestic farmers and ranchers don’t hang to compete with international companies that mislead patrons. On July 1st, USDA announced intent to habits a top-to-bottom overview of the “Fabricated from USA” meat labeling interval of time..

Constructing a Better Food Scheme and Strengthening the Food Provide Chain

Citing classes realized from the COVID-19 pandemic and most in vogue present chain disruptions, earlier this month USDA announced plans to invest bigger than $4 billion to make stronger crucial present chains through USDA’s Blueprint Support Better initiative to make stronger and switch out to be the food machine, the utilize of funding from the American Rescue Plot and the Consolidated Appropriations Act. The $500 million dedication to invest in meat and poultry processing on the present time begins to part how the $4 billion will seemingly be deployed. The fresh effort will make stronger the food machine, keep fresh market opportunities, sort out the climate crisis, lend a hand communities that were left on the lend a hand of, and make stronger factual-paying jobs all through the present chain. A transformed food machine will present producers with an even bigger allotment of the food buck and keep agriculture a extra compelling profession. This is in a position to perhaps additionally give a boost to food plan and the effectively being station of People, cutting again the costs of healthcare and food plan-associated diseases. 

By plot of USDA’s Blueprint Support Better initiative, USDA can help to ensure the food machine of the long bustle is pretty, aggressive, dispensed, and resilient; supports effectively being with earn admission to to wholesome, cheap food; ensures growers and workers receive an even bigger allotment of the food buck; and advances equity as effectively as climate resilience and mitigation.

Whereas USDA’s Blueprint Support Better initiative addresses come- and long-interval of time considerations, most in vogue occasions hang exposed the prompt need for motion. USDA’s actions to advertise competitors and the map to invest in further itsy-bitsy- and medium-sized meat processing ability will spur financial opportunity while strengthening resilience and sure bet for producers and patrons alike.

This announcement also furthers the Biden-Harris Administration’s work on strengthening the resilience of crucial present chains as directed by Government Narrate 14017 on The United States’s Provide Chains. USDA’s efforts to make stronger the food machine is an crucial part of the Administration’s whole-of-authorities response to address come-interval of time present chain challenges to the commercial recovery. By plot of the Provide Chain Disruptions Activity Pressure, of which Secretary Vilsack is a member, the Administration is convening stakeholders to diagnose problems and ground solutions—natty and itsy-bitsy, public or deepest—that would lend a hand alleviate bottlenecks and present constraints associated to the economy’s reopening after the Administration’s historic vaccination and financial reduction efforts.


USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.

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