Valheim mod potential that you can overclock your smelters

Carry out you sacrifice balance for plod?

After a solid mining sesh in Valheim, I think there’s no better agony than smelting the total ore I’ve gathered. Sure, it be nice, however I’m a in actuality impatient particular particular person that requires my metal bars now, no longer later. That’s the reason a mod which lets me overclock my smelters, kilns, and blast furnaces with Surtling Cores has me . Within the atomize, I’m able to plod up the technique.

A suave viking by the title of “MarcoPogo” has created a Valheim mod known as “Surtling Core Overlocking“. It potential that you can transform any Surtling Cores you’ve got got mendacity around into “Overclock Cores” that would possibly perchance perchance perchance also even be slotted into your kiln, smelter, or blast furnace to carry their productiveness.

There are three diversified styles of overclock cores which it’s probably you’ll bung into your smelters: Run, Efficiency, and Productivity. And that which it’s probably you’ll perchance have to strike a cautious steadiness when doing so, as too grand of 1 without the other would possibly perchance perchance perchance also result in disastrous results.

Optimal smelting performance doesn’t come cheap either. You will desire a Forge and an Artisan Table to construct up started, followed by Surtling Cores, and a diversity of provides to present them that particular overclocking contact.

A screenshot of the Surtling Core Overclocking mod which shows the Overlock Speed Core in the crafting menu. It increases speed but at the cost of efficiency.

I do know what you’re thinking, “Ed, would possibly perchance perchance perchance also you no longer only staunch admire, cheat? You know, turn up the numbers so smelting plod is substantial speedy?”. Obviously! But that’s neither attention-grabbing nor fun. MarcoPogo’s overclocking mod no no longer up to turns my pursuit for plod staunch into a cautious balancing act that feels admire it be a ingredient of Valheim’s world, as against, smartly, opening up the expose console on the sly and feeling prankish.

If this all overclocking alternate sounds a bit too complex, then would possibly perchance perchance perchance perchance I indicate yet any other Valheim mod that potential that you can turn your viking staunch into a walking scare?

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