VCO ProSIM SERIES: Benecke and Lulham stable the title

The final round of the VCO ProSIM SERIES for 2021 headed to the Sebring World Raceway within iRacing to want the title – and for the winners, an additional $3,000 championship bonus became up for grabs.

As ever, the night time became split into two heat races, with the head 15 from each heat progressing into a final ‘Bonus Amble’ to round out the night time. Every Dallara P217 LMP2 vehicle became shared between a racing esports knowledgeable driver and an trusty-world motorsport driver, with most in model System 1 championship leader Max Verstappen joining the discipline for this finale.


In the outlet heat, Maximilian Benecke in the #11 Personnel Redline machine lined up on pole assign – an ultimate negate for the championship leader heading into this round. Maxime Brient for Apex Racing Personnel became in 2d, forward of Luke Bennett for Redline in third and Peter Berryman in a single other Apex entry.

At the rolling launch up, Benecke pulled off an ultimate initiate, leading thru the outlet corners with Redline teammate Bennett up into 2d assign.

Leisurely, nonetheless, all hell broke free at Flip 3, at the Berryman in the #50 and Tuomas Tähtelä in the #21 KOVA Esports Dallara regarded to carry out diminutive contact at the nook’s exit. The rub became adequate to sprint each automobiles in front of the pack. The discipline desperately tried to have faraway from a huge pileup, with several automobiles taking to the grass in avoidance.

As a pair of automobiles re-joined at Flip 5, Yuri Kasdorp for Purple Bull Racing Esports became was around, with a different of automobiles colliding once extra.

This intended the head three of Benecke, Bennett and Brient broke free, with home to fight amongst themselves. As they entered Sunset Bend to complete the first lap, Brient tried to transfer around the initiate air of Bennett but became compelled huge.

After a frantic midfield scrap, but static lead fight, the first pitstops started with correct below 10 minutes left. The leader Benecke pitted at hand over to Chris Lulham, while those in 2d and third waited for one lap longer to swap.

After taking the reins of the third-placed #72, 2019 Asian Le Mans Series – GT Cup champion Benny Simonsen sadly spun at the Hairpin, shedding the crew out of competition.

Lulham then cruised unchallenged to victory, and with it sealed the Drivers’ title for himself and crew member Benecke. Bennett and Gustas Grinbergas carried out in 2d, forward of Julien Soenen and Elliott Vayron in third for R8G Esports.

In the closing phases, W Series flee winner Beitske Visser held on to fifth, facet-by-facet with 2012 DTM champion Bruno Spengler.


Round 3 podium finisher Jamie Fluke in the #99 Apex Racing Personnel prototype lined up on pole assign for the 2d 20-minute heat, forward of #89 driver Rainer Talvar for BS+COMPETITION in 2d, Alejandro Sánchez for MSI Esports in third and Personnel VRS driver Mack Bakkum rounding out the front two rows.

At the fairway flag, Fluke bolted, gaining adequate of a result in want the archaic racing line thru Flip 1. Honest at the motivate of, Talvar lost 2d assign to Sánchez at the Hairpin. Additional motivate, Martin Sirotek in the #82 ENTROPIQ Inexperienced vehicle made heavy contact with the barriers.

In the outlet stint, the most critical point of interest became on an extraordinary war between Dominik Blajer and Ross Woodford for seventh assign. The two traded areas for additional than half of a lap, but sadly, it ended with the ragged taking to the exit avenue at Flip 3.

All once more, as we reached the midway stage, the pitstops began, with Sánchez the first of the head three to pause, handing over to Nils Koch. Dominik Hofmann in the #6 Personnel Redline entry handed all over to Max Verstappen and once all of the needed driver swaps had played out, he sat in eighth.

Upfront, Taylor Barnard now led in the #99, forward of Phillippe Denes in the #89 with Koch in third.

While the leading positions remained static, Verstappen became placing on a demonstrate at the motivate of. First, diving by Johnny Guindi for seventh, then Raoul Hyman for sixth on the final lap.

In the tip, Barnard and Fluke held on to want Apex Racing Personnel’s first heat victory of the season, with BS+COMPETITION’s Denes and Talvar in 2d and MSI Esport’s Koch and Sánchez in third.


Verstappen wowed onlookers as he assign the #6 Personnel Redline vehicle on pole assign for the 30-minute Bonus Amble, forward of newly-crowned champion Lulham by correct over one-tenth of a 2d.

As the flee began, the 19-time System 1 flee winner led the discipline away and saved that assign in the initial phases, with Lulham shut at the motivate of but with Denes taking a detect to pounce in third.

Autos in strife on the first lap incorporated Sindre Setsaas, Brian Lockwood, Raoul Hyman Robby Foley and Visser. Luckily, despite the truth that, these incidents had been well contained, and there became no multi-vehicle incident take care of in the first heat.

With 10 minutes complete, the war for sixth heated up, with Enzo Bonito going around the initiate air of Nicolas Varrone at Flip 10, sooner than squeezing the R8G Esports driver huge thru Collier and allowing Johnny Guindi and Alex Dunne to additionally discover thru.

Memoir Karam additionally tried to capitalise but ended up on the grass in-between Tower and Bishop in a hair-elevating moment ensuing in retirement.

With 14 minutes left on the clock, and the pit window initiate, Lulham and Denes swapped for Benecke and Talvar respectively, while Verstappen stayed heading in the correct route for a additional lap sooner than handing over to Hofmann.

As soon as all of the needed driver changes had cycled thru, it became a straight fight between two Redline automobiles at the front – Hofmann leading Benecke.

No matter the championship in his pocket, Benecke desired to gain the final Bonus Amble too and swept into the lead into Flip 1 with correct over seven minutes left. That’s the assign the positions would pause till the chequered flag.

With that, the VCO ProSIM SERIES became complete for one other 365 days. It became an exemplary efficiency from Personnel Redline drivers Benecke and Lulham all around the season they in most cases like home a actually-earned championship with the prize money to match.

VCO ProSIM SERIES, Round 4, Sebring Bonus Amble outcomes

  1. #11 Personnel Redline, Maximilian Benecke and Chris Lulham – 17 laps
  2. #6 Personnel Redline, Max Verstappen and Dominik Hofmann +1.980
  3. #89 BS+COMPETITION, Rainer Talvar and Phillippe Denes +3.171
  4. #80 R8G Esports, Phillippe Denes and Rainer Talvar +7.460
  5. #888 R8G Esports, Gustavo Ariel and Vlad Khimichev +9.305
  6. #70 Personnel Redline, Enzo Bonito and Gianni Vecchio +15.360
  7. #28 YAS HEAT, Johnny Guind and Ross Woodford +15.400
  8. #67 Logitech G Atlus Esports, Alex Dunne and Luke McKeown +16.734
  9. #59 Personnel Redline, Gustas Grinbergas and Luke Bennett +17.069
  10. #92 BS+COMPETITION, Bruno Spengler and Kay Kaschube +1.604

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