Vice Metropolis & Huge Theft Auto III’s Supply Code Has Been Reverse-Engineered

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Image: Vice Metropolis

A crew of fans comprise managed to reverse-engineer the source code for every Huge Theft Auto III and Huge Theft Auto Vice Metropolis, making the data readily obtainable for download.

Right here’s enormous news! We’ve seen unbiased recently what reverse-engineered games can mean to modders, with Mario 64 being the supreme example, allowing it to be “ported” to the PC in preference to bustle through emulation.

Whereas that’s no longer the essential unbiased right here—every those GTA games are already readily obtainable on PC—source code also lets in modders to kill maybe new and taking part stuff. Enjoy, the usage of Mario 64 to illustrate again, including ray tracing to the sport.

That acknowledged, having acquire admission to to the source code does place porting to other platforms more uncomplicated, and the crew comprise already obtained the code working on Switch, Vita and Wii U, while also hoping to acquire it onto PS2 and Xbox as well.

It’s most likely you’ll maybe well ascertain out the challenge right here.

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