VIDEO: Ancient Trump attorney says his coup idea would have faith labored if it wasn’t for Mike Pence

John Eastman, the historical Trump attorney who authored the unsuitable “coup memo” on how to overturn the 2020 election, used to be caught on digital camera announcing his coup idea would have faith labored if it wasn’t for historical Vice President Mike Pence.

Lauren Windsor, a modern activist who’s legendary for posing incognito to plan out revealing statements from Republicans and conservatives, spoke to Eastman at an tournament hosted by The Claremont Institute, Eastman’s employer.

Pretending to be an outspoken Trump supporter, Windsor tells Eastman, “I study your memo and I assumed it used to be actual in all of its good arguments. And I was floored that Mike Pence did not lift out one thing. Why did not he act on it? You gave him the supreme reasoning to clutch out that.” 

“I know, I know,” responded Eastman.

Final week, Eastman told “The National Evaluate” that the memo “doesn’t replicate his have views.” The memo mentioned that the Vice President had the final vitality to reject or settle for Electoral College votes. The idea used to be for Pence to reject Biden’s electors and depart away neither candidate with the predominant 270 electoral votes. The Republican-managed Dwelling of Representatives would then vote for President Trump to defend him as a replacement of work, successfully overturning the election. 

Eastman mentioned to “The National Evaluate” that the idea used to be no longer “viable” and “loopy” to pursue. In an announcement, The Claremont Institute mentioned that the memo used to be “maliciously misrepresented and distorted by main media shops,” and that Eastman “did not demand the Vp . . . to ‘overturn’ the election.” 

But when Windsor told Eastman, “All of your good reasoning is completely actual,”  Eastman responded, “Yeah, there might be no request.” 

Windsor additionally asked Eastman why Pence did not fight by with the idea and Eastman responded, “Smartly, cause Mike Pence is an establishment guy on the tip of the day,” suggesting the memo used to be legally sound. 

Relating to Eastman’s interview with “The National Evaluate”, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow mentioned whereas laughing, “I was immoral to test that as some roughly ethical designate that no longer no longer as much as the stand up guys felt unsuitable and knew it used to be immoral.” 

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