Video: Giga Chikadze doesn’t alarm Edson Barboza’s flashy moves: ‘He’s carried out every little thing in opposition to system decrease degree strikers’

Giga Chikadze has long regarded as himself the particular striker in the UFC’s featherweight division and he’s extra than anxious to level it.

Following blistering knockouts in his past two fights collectively with a brutal physique shot enact over Cub Swanson in his latest day out, the aged kickboxer-turned-mixed martial artist used to be extremely-angry on the chance to face higher ranked competition, particularly these opponents who choose into story themselves elite on the ft.

Enter Edson Barboza — widely regarded as surely one of the crucial tip strikers on your entire UFC roster with loads of memorable finishes on his resume collectively with his spinning heel kick enact over Terry Etim and a recognition for just among the nastiest leg kicks in the industry.

To boot-known as Chikadze used to be hoping for the next ranked opponent as he seeks to set himself into title contention, a fight in opposition to Barboza used to be a wonderful various to hone his recognition as the gold same old for striking in the featherweight division.

“It’s no doubt thrilling,” Chikadze told MMA Combating. “It’s been a really long time coming. Eventually we bought it. This is a fight that’s no doubt used to be incessantly attention-grabbing for me. I in actuality wished to — no exhausting feelings with him — however since he’s an thrilling fighter, I no doubt used to be looking out to search out this fight for a really long time.

“By some means perchance I used to be pondering I used to be going to glean the next ranked opponent however near on it’s Edson Barboza. All people is conscious of his name. I desire a ‘W’ in opposition to him, too.”

While Chikadze isn’t discounting the hazard Barboza represents in the cage, he’s snappy to dispel the notion that the Brazilian has the extra or less arsenal on the ft that will give him a lot of problems.

Chikadze commends Barboza on your entire jaw-shedding knockouts he’s accumulated over time however the Georgian featherweight could perchance’t abet however dissect the striking abilities possessed by these warring parties who ended up on his highlight reel.

“He’s flashy, thrilling, highly effective, solid kicker, striker regardless of you admire to have faith to name it,” Chikadze acknowledged about Barboza. “He’s carried out every little thing in opposition to system decrease degree strikers. There are ranges in this game, in the striking game particularly. What has he carried out in kickboxing or karate? What’s his accomplishment? I keep in mind that it’s shiny when he’s doing spinning, shiny highlight kick in opposition to someone that never did any excessive degree striking in a fight. All this for me is nothing.

“I appreciate what he’s carried out in MMA no doubt however it depends on who you cease it in opposition to. I don’t peek anything original to me. I’m very best going to level it. I’m going to level everyone faulty that as soon as they are matching me with this name or any diversified folks ‘oh he’s correct however he’s better’ or one thing, I’m very best going to terminate everyone’s mouth. That’s what I’m going to full 28 August. He’s correct, he’s now not shameful. He’s in actuality correct however in opposition to who? So we’ll peek 28 August.”

Attributable to the confidence he has in his hands and ft, Chikadze is conscious of he extra than in a position to unleashing the equal sorts of flashy moves which have faith helped Barboza map a whopping 10 post-fight bonuses in the UFC however he’s never in actuality wished it.

The equal could perchance perchance also be acknowledged concerning his when it comes to facing Barboza if he decides to uncork a spinning kick or a flying knee at some stage in their main tournament battle on Saturday night at UFC Vegas 35.

“If I fight admire a traditional guy, I could perchance perchance also fair need wretchedness,” Chikadze acknowledged. “Because as I acknowledged, all these flashy kicks and nice highlight diversified kicks, it works in opposition to someone who’s better a traditional fighter. I’m now not a traditional fighter. I’m now not very best a traditional guy.

“I in actuality have faith all this what he has carried out in MMA and I in actuality have faith doubtlessly [done] admire 10 instances extra issues. I very best preserve my model traditional cause it’s working huge in opposition to guys who’re in MMA for the time being.”

With a chance to shine in his first UFC main tournament, Chikadze wants a lift extra than anything however having a stare on the model he matches up with Barboza, he very best doesn’t peek how this isn’t a fan current fight from initiate up to enact.

That acknowledged, he doesn’t quiz Barboza to map it to the final horn.

“I’m going to stare for a knockout,” Chikadze promised. “I’m going to full my perfect to enact this guy in early, starting of three rounds. This ability a lot to me.”

If all goes wisely on Saturday night, Chikadze hopes a lift will propel him straight into title contention and he’s even defending an perceive on the upcoming fight between featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega in case both of them are unable to compete.

“I desire straight title [fight],” Chikadze acknowledged about what he wants subsequent. “I desire to be the replacement fighter when Brian and Volkanovski fight. I desire to be the replacement in this fight.”

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