Virginia becomes first southern enlighten to legalize marijuana

Virginia lawmakers have current Gov. Ralph Northam’s demand to legalize the possession and growth of tiny quantities of leisure marijuana starting July 1, up from the 2024 timeline that had previously been agreed to.

Why it matters: The proceed will manufacture Virginia the first southern enlighten, and the 16th within the nation, to legalize leisure marijuana.

Essential aspects: Northam proposed the amendment on the tip of March along with others geared toward improving public safety and employee protections in connection to marijuana consume.

  • Northam’s plight of job said that a file commissioned by the enlighten learned that Dusky individuals in Virginia had been disproportionately policed and convicted for marijuana consume, which is why he a truly important to push for fast legalization.

What they’re announcing: “As of late, with the Governor’s amendments, we can have made sizable development in ending the focusing on of Dusky and brown Virginians thru selective enforcement of marijuana prohibition by this summer season,” Democratic Dwelling Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn said in an announcement.

What to scrutinize: “As amended, lawmakers must vote every other time on the regulatory framework before any alternate licenses might per chance also be awarded,” ABC’s native affiliate reported.

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