Virtua Hamster (Sega 32X/Saturn)

Virtua Hamster

1995 Peakstar Instrument / SEGA

Platforms: SEGA 32X and Saturn

As piece of the open and open of The Games That Weren’t e-book, we’re  adding resources and disclose that didn’t gain it to print as bonus DLC disclose to portion with you. Photos are (c) David A. Palmer and ancient with permission. With on account of Eric Quakenbush for the extra scans supplied.

All around the e-book is an in-depth and detailed 16 net page listing in regards to the unreleased Virtua Hamster by Peakstar/SEGA for the 32X and Saturn platforms. We general communicate to designer Eric Quakenbush, producer David A Palmer, lead developer Gash Kimberley, affiliate producer/artist Ben Palmer, artist Roddy McMillan and musician Paul Tankard – getting their recollections in regards to the venture.

Virtua Hamster 32X Prototype 1994005

The 32X version changed into once a largely decrease down version of Eric Quakenbush’s normal sport construct, with a Saturn version to be began afterwards which may more closely align with Eric’s normal vision. The Saturn version changed into once never to be began on account of occasions with the 32X version.

A pair of months from completion, SEGA decided to drag the chase on account of monetary components at SEGA of The United States. David A Palmer changed into once given complete ownership of the full sport construct and code as piece of a settlement.

Both Eric and David had been very form to provide resources from the sport to consist of within the e-book, which we did. Nonetheless, finest a tiny sample may furthermore very well be shown and therefore we now hold got been given permission so that you just may well add the leisure online as bonus disclose. David in explicit loaned GTW an complete portfolio of idea designs, maps, sport construct documents and even bits of code print outs. Successfully over 100 scans had been made as a result, and is also realized below.

There is also a gain of the early prototype that sneaked out, even though it is hoped that the final bear of the sport will be allowed for open some day quickly. We can can enable you to know as quickly as this may furthermore merely happen.

Diversified resources



Photos are (c) David A. Palmer and ancient with permission. With on account of Eric Quakenbush for the extra scans supplied.

DISCLAIMER: We’re a non-earnings digitisation venture, aiming to digitally encourage instrument and history which may in another case be misplaced for excellent. If for any motive there’s anything that you just enact no longer clutch to be on the net location, please contact us for removal.

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