Warren Moon: Russell Wilson’s Relationship with Seahawks Identical as Lynch, Sherman

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Extinct Seattle Seahawks quarterback, and Pro Football Hall of Popularity member, Warren Moon believes the franchise and up to the moment QB are heading for an inevitable breakup. 

All the arrangement in which thru an appearance on the Huddle & Drift podcast with Jim Trotter and Steve Wyche, Moon acknowledged Wilson is on a identical route as frail Seahawks stars Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch took with the membership—the frail having been released by Seattle after rupturing his Achilles tendon nine games into the 2017 season. 

Said Moon (h/t ProFootballTalk’s Charean Williams): 

“I deem it’s extra or much less headed, sadly, in the identical direction [as Lynch and Sherman]. I deem right away it’s practically indulge in a wedding that’s began to licensed have squabbles, and they’re squabbling about sure shrimp disorders, whether or no longer it’s circulate protection, whether or no longer it’s abilities. There’s all these shrimp squabbles occurring right away. And I deem thanks to Russell’s contract reveal, there’s no longer a entire bunch the Seahawks can operate as a ways as tantalizing him in varied locations, even in the occasion that they wished to.

“So I deem he’s positively there this year except they licensed would really like to receive a success and no longer develop into a really licensed football crew for a year or so. Nonetheless I deem that the marriage will not be any longer going to halt very properly going down the highway. I deem this squabble is going to develop into extra of a separation after which a divorce at some point soon. And that in most cases happens with most players anyway. You licensed don’t indulge in it to happen thanks to the 2 aspects no longer getting along.”

Wilson has three years left on his deal and is scheduled to lift a cap hit of $32 million in 2021, $37 million in 2022 and $40 million in 2023. The 32-year-light moreover holds an decide-out clause after subsequent season and might perchance maybe receive issues into his possess palms if these squabbles develop into unresolvable. 

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