We Got the COVID-19 Vaccine in Shanghai, Right here’s What to Seek recordsdata from

Initiating on Monday, March 29, foreigners in Shanghai salvage been in a position to gain an appointment for the domestically-produced COVID-19 vaccine, to be delivered in two doses. I booked a vaccination appointment by the Jiankang Yun (Correctly being Cloud) app, by scanning the QR code beneath. 


After receiving a text confirmation of the date, time and map for my vaccination, I waited patiently (and a minute bit anxiously) for my appointment to advance – and yesterday became as soon as my day of reckoning. Right here’s a recap of my journey, along with some necessary tricks to gain decided that a silent appointment. 

Our Ride

I showed up on the Waitan Sub-District Neighborhood Correctly being Provider Heart on Ningbo Lu 15 minutes sooner than my appointment to search out out that my vaccine map had in point of fact been reassigned to an address closer to my dwelling after I had obtained the preliminary confirmation of map. Happily, the workers became as soon as ample to display veil me guidelines on how to without issues double check my unique vaccine map in the app, and off I went to the honest map on Changshou Lu. 


Though my time slot became as soon as from 3-3.30pm per the app, no one in point of fact checked the time assigned to me (nor my appointment confirmation); the checking out map I visited enables foreigners to acquire every Friday between 3-5pm, in define lengthy because it’s within that time slot, they don’t care. It looks to be like as lengthy as you salvage signed up in the future, the categorical date you seek the recommendation of with isn’t necessarily fundamental. 


Every checking out map has distributed cases, generally as soon as or twice per week, when they permit foreigners to acquire the vaccine. You may maybe well without issues check these dates and cases by logging into the Jiankang Yun app, deciding on the checking out heart nearest to your home or work and clicking on a form of dates to behold when vaccines will doubtless be found. As an example, Changshou Subdistrict Neighborhood Correctly being Provider Heart vaccinates foreigners on Friday afternoons whereas Tongren Sanatorium provides vaccines to foreigners on Saturdays and Mondays. 

IMG_3329.jpgArriving on the checking out heart, there may maybe be a separate check-in for foreigners with English speaking workers. The person on the front desk will photocopy your passport, salvage you put a consent produce, allow you to perceive which vaccine you are receiving (Beijing SinoPharm, Wuhan SinoPharm or Sinovac) and pull up a barcode that will doubtless be old for monitoring purposes. Next, it is possible you’ll maybe well be charged RMB100, that will maybe well even be paid by capacity of Alipay or WeChat.



Following price, I walked into a hallway opening as much as eight a form of rooms, entered a room with no one in it and showed the nurse my barcode from sooner than.

IMG_3339.jpgWithin 30 seconds, I became as soon as pricked with a truly painless needle. No blood, no band-benefit and no sitting became as soon as even became as soon as racy. Factual long-established janky Chinese wisely being facility effectivity combined with a attribute lack of bedside system. 


The nurse handed me a vaccination doc and told me to stream to a waiting residing. With the warm spring climate, the waiting residing is correct a sectioned of residing exterior the wisely being facility lined by an awning. A volunteer handed me a bottle of water and urged me to wait about 30 minutes to gain decided that there became as soon as no negative reaction. No one tracked my time, and after estimating that roughly 30 minutes had handed, I got up and walked out. 


That’s it, folks. The full job from insist to terminate took decrease than 40 minutes, 30 of which salvage been exact sitting exterior taking part in on my phone after the shot had already been administered. You may maybe well’t seek recordsdata from for more streamlined than that. 

For the 2d dose of the vaccine, they told me to come encourage any Friday between 3-5pm 21 days or more after the administration of my first shot. No need to gain one other appointment, exact display veil up between the specified foreigner time slot on the residing of my preliminary vaccine dose – the epitome of laidback over something the comfort of the field is stressing about. 


I felt very minimal arm soreness the evening following the shot, and obtained no be aware-up instructions – like foods, beverages or bodily process to avoid sooner than or after taking the vaccine. I heard from others that they salvage been told not drink alcohol, spend fascinating foods or like caffeine in the 24 hours preceding and the 72 hours following the shot, nonetheless, I obtained no such (a minute bit ambiguous sounding) instruction. To be safe, for the few days following, I’m ingesting like a pregnant girl – sips here and there, maybe a cheeky glass of wine – a vaccine-prompted detox by no approach hurts. 

Priceless Guidelines

  • Double check the address, date and time of the appointment on the Jiankang Yun app. In decided conditions, equivalent to mine, the residing of the appointment became as soon as modified AFTER receiving the booking confirmation. To avoid confusion on the day, continuously double – or triple – check. 

  • Bring your passport with your staunch visa interior. 

  • Per Reuters reviews, Sinovac vaccines are easiest when the 2d dose is trail 3-4 weeks following the first dose. Sinopharm vaccines are easiest when the 2d dose is trail 3 weeks following the first dose. 

  • Procure the vaccine shot to your non-dominant arm and stream your arm up and down and in a circular motion for a jiffy after the shot to wait on avoid soreness in a while, similar to what you may maybe assemble when receiving any booster or usual shot.  

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