Western Digital caught swapping lower-grade NAND into funds SSD

What staunch came about? Western Digital quietly changed the NAND flash in one among its funds SSDs with a lower-grade model that simplest performs as properly as that of its more inexpensive brother. While this will not be always going to be a deal-breaker for every person, the corporate hasn’t urged reviewers and patrons about it — a behavior that is slowly turning into a pattern.

Procuring for an SSD on the total is a daunting job with the fluctuate of choices which will most probably be on hand right this moment. The utilize of guides enjoy our dangle can encourage you navigate by these waters, nonetheless infrequently a producer will relate — for any resolution of legit causes — to quietly trade the NAND flash or controller chipset in one or extra SSDs which dangle already been reviewed and obtained comely ideas.

While minor hardware revisions that strengthen on the initial free up for a product are a typical incidence in the tech enterprise, or now not it is never acceptable when the revised product is unsightly in any procedure to the fashioned and this reality will not be always disclosed to reviewers and capability customers. Such is the case of the WD SN550 Blue SSD, a preferred funds SSD that has been modified in a potential that cripples its write performance.

Model WD SN550 Blue 1TB SanDisk Ultra 1TB WD SN350 Inexperienced 1TB
Formatted Ability 931.3GB 931.1GB 894.1GB
SLC Cache Measurement 12 GB 10 GB 10 GB
Write Velocity w/ Cache 2160 MB/s 1945 MB/s 2030 MB/s
Write Velocity w/o Cache 390 MB/s 849 MB/s 376 MB/s

The trade changed into observed by Chinese language news spot Expreview, who observed that Western Digital swapped the NAND on the SN550 Blue SSD for a moderately lower-grade model that would now not originate on the subject of as properly if it is main to replica big recordsdata around.

Each and each the previous and the new edition possess write speeds in far extra than 2,000 megabytes per 2d as lengthy because the switch would now not exceed the 12-gigabyte SLC cache. Then again, once that is crammed and the SSD starts writing with out it, the rate drops from 610 megabytes per 2d on the previous pressure to staunch 390 megabytes per 2d on the new one.

As notorious by Expreview, the performance results of the new SN550 Blue pressure are extra essentially based fully mostly on the more inexpensive SN350 Inexperienced. To be graceful, this disaster simplest becomes noticeable if you happen to switch big recordsdata very continually, in addition to this would now not excuse the shortcoming of communique on the segment of Western Digital. While now not exactly an apples-to-apples comparability, the corporate did something same with its HDDs in the fresh past and ended up with class-action court cases.

This behavior highlights one among the penalties of the ongoing chip scarcity — manufacturers are scrambling to meet a surge in query for all the pieces that has silicon in it, and in the midst of they are forced to web sacrifices which will most probably be form of noticeable to the discontinue person. Smaller manufacturers, in particular, will most probably be extra liable to this behavior as a consequence of their lower negotiation energy.

Then again, after you dangle considered this with the likes of Kingston, Necessary, Patriot, Adata, and now Western Digital, it completely will not be always a staunch stamp. Shoppers manufacture now not must be urged about each and each trade if the new revision of an SSD performs the identical as at the starting place marketed, nonetheless they completely manufacture deserve higher than bait and swap.

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