When Fortnite Season 7 ends and Season 8 starts

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Fortnite Season 7 has loyal begun, but some gamers are questioning when this may seemingly possibly also honest conclude. Right here is when Season 7 ends and Season 8 starts.


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fortnite season 7 key art

Fortnite Season 7 is here, but followers are already questioning when does Season 8 launch. Right here’s every part we know so a ways.

Main up to the starting up of Season 7, Memoir Games went all out to hype up the starting up of the recent season. Mysterious DVDs followed by a fashion of ARG puzzles saved followers hungry for added. If real world events weren’t sufficient, gamers randomly started to accumulate kidnapped by aliens all the blueprint through matches.

Then all any other time, Sci-fi and aliens may seemingly possibly also honest now not be your cup of tea. Certain, the hype for Season 7 Memoir Games has tried to manufacture has been unreal, but that doesn’t mean it’s for each person. It’s furthermore early within the season, so it could seemingly possibly increase over time. Regardless, some gamers may seemingly possibly also honest accept as true with already written off this season as one other tiresome one.

Whether you relish or abominate the recent season, you is likely to be questioning when the following one will launch.

fortnite season 7 evil alien

Fortnite Season 7 launch date

Fortnite Season 7 is scheduled to occur except September 12, 2021 which blueprint Fortnite Season 8 will likely launch on September 13. This isn’t a confirmed launch date as Fortnite has taken multiple days in-between season within the past. Then all any other time, Fortnite has made a dependancy recently of jumping from one season to the following without a breaks in between.

There’s constantly of mission that seasons accumulate delayed and extended. This has came a pair of assortment of instances all the blueprint through Chapter 2, especially when gearing up for a extra audacious season. We’ll update this text if the Fortnite Season 8 launch date changes. However the closing patch planned for Season 7 is Fortnite v17.50. This fashion that the season will likely conclude per week or two after the closing patch.

Season 7 ends on September 12th!

— HYPEX – Fortnite Leaks (@HYPEX) June 8, 2021

As for a dwell tournament to shut Season 7, it’s too soon to repeat. Season 6 didn’t accept as true with a dwell tournament, but it absolutely’d be worthy to eye Season 7 now not having one. It seems as if Memoir Games is going all out this season, and an sage finale continuously is the supreme formula to high it all off. Regardless, followers can request of to eye Fortnite Season 8 launch sometime in September.

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Want to test out out one of the vital most recent Fortnite Zone wars maps? Spend a eye at these five alternatives here.


1 month within the past


May well seemingly also honest 8, 2021

Want to test out out one of the vital Fortnite Chapter 2 Zone Wars maps? Spend a eye at these five alternatives here.

Zone Wars is even handed one of basically the most well-most popular Ingenious Mode design genres in Fortnite – so noteworthy so as that Memoir incorporated a Zone Wars playlist all the blueprint through Chapter 2.

We doubtlessly won’t seek one other legit Zone Wars lineup while Chapter 2 is aloof unique, but listed below are five updated design codes for one of the vital appropriate Fortnite Chapter 2 Zone Wars maps to your Playground Bear matches.

Glean optimistic to accumulate to the Hub as immediate as it is probably you’ll seemingly possibly so that it is probably you’ll seemingly possibly make a selection a ways from the Crimson vs. Blue battle.

Sensible Solos (XA)(Pack 1): 1234-0621-9943

Sensible Solos (XA)(Pack 1) by Prettyboy may seemingly possibly also honest now not accept as true with “zone wars” within the name, but it absolutely is an loyal aggressive skills that can accumulate intense immediate. Two to 16 gamers spawn in random locations across a fashion of successfully-crafted maps. With randomized loadouts, gamers bustle to be the closing one standing.

Nuketown 2025 Zone Wars: 1149-4422-7888

Nuketown 2025 zone wars by Clapzfn is extra of a novelty than anything. It’s very wintry to revisit this extremely detailed game of a Name of Responsibility classic. About a of the constructions accept as true with invisible boundaries on the tip, and the storm constantly pushes to the heart of the design. Regardless, it’s a ton of stress-free to be the closing participant standing in Nuke Metropolis.

Desolate tract Zone Wars Chapter 2: 1811-9621-1739

These which accept as true with been taking part in zone wars maps for a genuinely prolonged time are doubtlessly aware of Jotapegame’s desert zone wars maps. Then all any other time, here is basically the most modern installment within the series that incorporates the changes made in Chapter 2. Revel within the classic desert-themed zone wars with unique weapons and items.

Space 51 Alien Zone Wars: 9843-7754-8806

Space 51 Zone Wars by Dropnite is even handed one of basically the most aesthetically dazzling zone wars maps available. From the formula it spawns gamers in to the entire ornamental pieces, it genuinely makes you feel like you’re in Space 51. It furthermore offers a good aggressive skills that’s optimistic to accumulate gamers ready for the final moments of FNCS tournaments.

50 Player Zonewars: 6167-1882-6710

50 Player Zonewars is even handed one of basically the most intense ingenious maps as soon as the lobby is corpulent. The loot pool changes continuously to compare Arena Mode, and there are a whole lot of diverse maps. For the higher skill tourneys that accept as true with 50 or extra other folks within the endgame, this mode is extra healthy for practical note.

Lunge away us some codes within the feedback if we disregarded your accepted Fortnite Chapter 2 Zone Wars maps!

Fight Royale


1 month within the past


May well seemingly also honest 8, 2021

Prop Hunt has prolonged been piece of collective gaming culture. The mode has in the end arrived in Fortnite and it looks to be a entire bunch of stress-free!

As a result of a pair mishaps on the piece of Memoir, Fortnite has been struggling some unfavourable strides. In impart to exchange things motivate round, the devs desire a successive hotfoot of victories.

Prop Hunt has been a noteworthy asked for ‘loyal for stress-free’ mode and Memoir is now turning in. This, along side grand v9.30 changes, may seemingly possibly genuinely carry motivate a whole lot of enjoyment for Fortnite!

Prop Hunt playable now in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Ingenious mode is a stirring pot of ingenious genius and excellent abilities. For the fortunate few chosen by Memoir, the creations made in Ingenious turn out to be legendary adventures performed by hundreds and hundreds.

Prop Hunt has been dropped at existence by a crew of talented Ingenious creators. The crew at StrayKite managed to accumulate a reproduction of the classic skills that performs like a dream.

Prop Hunt now in Fortnite! – by blueprint of Memoir Games

The mode is accessible to play now in Ingenious & Playground lobbies.

The fundamental principles of Prop Hunt are as follows:

  • Props are given a plot duration of time to conceal earlier than Seekers strive to accumulate them
  • Every Prop can switch between differing objects a particular amount of instances
  • Seekers strive to accumulate your entire Props earlier than the crop-off date is reached. If they organize to remain so, the Seekers recall.
  • If all Props are now not stumbled on, the Props recall.

Memoir Games has now not given any conclude-date for the Prop Hunt island characteristic, but the prop hunt mode can constantly be performed from here on out. This may likely be done by the usage of the Island Code equipped by Memoir (6069-9263-9110).

The utilize of the Ingenious mode’s configuration settings, it is probably you’ll seemingly possibly furthermore accumulate custom Prop Hunt game forms. This contains longer Seeker closing dates, stricter recall prerequisites, banned props, and extra. More alternatives shall be added for the mode within the damage.

Simplest Prop Hunt island codes 2021

Island Name Island Code Creator
Prop Hunt: Standard Mall 1679-1165-5282 Regirom
Prop Hunt: Relaxed Cafe 8851-5874-9250 Regirom
Lazer Price Prop Hunt 4313-9914-2759 Puzzler
Prop Hunt: Fight Dawdle Edition 9565-6442-7019 Shride
Mall Prop Hunt! 7666-6510-5877 Gamerzhits
Prop Hunt Limitless 7263-1478-7522 Puzzler
Prop Hunt: The Simpsons 3913-1259-2687 Marablind
Asteroid Arcade (Prop Hunt 1534-1221-2242 SHAVERMAN46
Stranger Things Prop Hunt 7011-8363-9120 Mr_glaisternator
The Plight of job Prop Hunt 3006-8634-9197 Mr_glaisternator
Prop Hunt With Abilities 9249-3264-0093 TeamUnite
Prophunt: Esports Villa 5097-8380-0119 H4llover4ter
Silhouette Prop Hunt 5176-4146-5073 ChannelFN
Swimming Pool Prop Hunt 3487-1374-0131 Fortniteart
Warlock’s Grave Prop Hunt 6180-5637-0525 Shinohara

Joyful hunting!

Fight Royale

Fortnite’s Fight Lab mode has disappeared from the mode make a selection out conceal and Memoir Games has made no touch upon the put the mode went.


1 month within the past


April 28, 2021

Fortnite Battle Labs Mode Art

Fortnite’s Fight Lab mode has been disabled within the v16.30 patch, and followers aren’t satisfied with its elimination.

UPDATE: The Fight Labs mode has been turned motivate on as of May well seemingly also honest 4th, 2021.

Fight Lab was as soon as added in December of 2019 shut to the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2. This core game mode replaced the Playground mode which allowed gamers to detect The Island on my own or with chums.

While Playground was as soon as mostly a vanilla battle royale skills, Fight Lab allowed gamers to plot their accept as true with principles and exchange loot pools. Video editors would utilize Fight Lab to accumulate fine quality state material, and it furthermore allowed younger gamers to skills the game without allowing them to play with strangers.

Fortnite Mode Select Screen

Then all any other time, Fortnite’s Fight Lab mode has apparently disappeared in basically the most modern update without any notice from Fortnite or Memoir Games. This has resulted in an outcry from followers on Twitter who are asking for the game mode to be reinstated.

Downtime for the Fortnite v16.30 started at 4 a.m. EST on April 27, and quickly after the servers got here motivate online gamers started to undercover agent Fight Lab was as soon as lacking. The Fortnite Plight Twitter made a fashion of posts noting the changes made within the update, but Fight Lab wasn’t mentioned a single time.

Over the final 24 hours, Fortnite Plight has furthermore acknowledged a fashion of worm fixes and server considerations. While it remains unknown whether or now not Fortnite’s Fight Lab mode was as soon as removed accidentally, the inability of acknowledgment makes it seem like it accept as true with been removed intentionally.

Without Fight Lab, some state material creators accept as true with been vastly affected.

If this was as soon as a mistake,@FortniteGame, which doubtlessly isn’t, let us know. And if it’s intentional, both give us a replacement or carry it motivate.#BringBackBattleLab

— Frenzy (@Frenzy2nd) April 28, 2021

The elimination of Fight Lab won’t impact the majority of Fortnite’s participant irascible, this may seemingly possibly also honest accept as true with an label on state material creators. As acknowledged by Frenzy2nd on Twitter, it would be supreme for Fortnite to let gamers know what its plans are for the prolonged flee of Fight Lab.

In the duration in-between, there are aloof a whole lot of modes available for gamers to skills. These encompass the recent Free For All Arena mode, One Shot duos, and an assortment of featured Ingenious modes. Reside tuned for basically the most modern records regarding Fortnite’s Fight Lab mode.

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