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Where Is the Photos Library on my Mac?

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The Photos Library is a bundled file in your Mac that incorporates all the pictures imported into the Apple Photos app. From time to time you might perhaps must locate this library to end evolved troubleshooting or to switch it to 1 other machine. Nonetheless where is it in total positioned? Let’s get hold of out.

The Default Photos Library Tell

By default, your Photos library is a file named Photos Library.photoslibrary, and it’s positioned within the path /Users/[username]/Photos (or ~/Photos for brief) where “[username]” is your brief user story name.

To get there hasty, initiate Finder and click on “Walk” within the menu bar, then rep out “Walk to Folder” within the menu that pops up. In the window that opens, kind ~/Photos, then click “Walk.”

In the

If the “Photos Library.photoslibrary” file is there, you’ll perceive it listed within the Finder window that looks.


If it’s no longer there, you might perhaps must dig a bit deeper with the Photos app.

Discover the Most recent Photos Library The utilize of the Photos App

Because it’s that you just might perhaps be ready to imagine to rename or switch your Photos Library file, you might perhaps no longer get hold of it within the default space. If that is the case, there’s a transient ability to search out it. Start the Photos app, then click “Photos” > “Preferences” within the menu bar.

In the menu bar, click

In Photos preferences, click the “Overall” tab, then scrutinize on the “Library Tell” piece. You’ll perceive the path to the Photos Library for the time being in utilize listed there. Ought to you’d take to see the library’s space in Finder, click “Exhibit in Finder.”

In Photos Preferences, locate the

Ought to you clicked “Exhibit in Finder,” a Finder window will initiate that comprises your Photos library file. What you end next is as a lot as you, but on the least you now know where it is.

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