Why AI is more durable than we expect

[Submitted on 26 Apr 2021]

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Summary: Since its initiating within the 1950s, the sector of synthetic intelligence has
cycled plenty of times between periods of optimistic predictions and big
investment (“AI spring”) and periods of disappointment, loss of confidence, and
reduced funding (“AI frigid climate”). Even with on the present time’s reputedly swiftly skedaddle of AI
breakthroughs, the come of lengthy-promised technologies such as
self-riding vehicles, housekeeping robots, and conversational companions has
became out to be powerful more durable than many people anticipated. One explanation for these
repeating cycles is our restricted figuring out of the character and complexity of
intelligence itself. In this paper I record four fallacies in general
assumptions made by AI researchers, which can lead to overconfident predictions
in regards to the sector. I enact by discussing the originate questions spurred by these
fallacies, including the age-former mission of imbuing machines with humanlike
general sense.

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From: Melanie Mitchell [view email]

Mon, 26 Apr 2021 20: 39: 18 UTC (23 KB)

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