Why Gleaming Minds Esteem Jeff Bezos Comprise the ‘Rule of Writing’

Years within the past, Jeff Bezos started a spell binding be aware at Amazon. 

Sooner than meeting to talk about a brand original product or conception, Bezos would organize for an executive to jot down a narratively structured six-page memo. While some leaders would strive and write such a memo in barely just a few hours, Bezos talked about the one ones took at least a week to full. 

“The massive memos are written and re-written, shared with colleagues who’re requested to offer a enhance to the work, residing apart for just a few days, and then edited again with a unique mind,” Bezos once explained.

When it came time to fulfill, Bezos and his team would then sit down collectively in silence for the predominant 20 minutes or so as they took time to be taught the memo, mark notes, and prepare to talk about. The upper written the memo, the elevated the typical of the discussion that followed.

This be aware of Amazon is only realistic one of many that crystallizes a principal lesson, one who might most seemingly well become the model you mediate and talk about.

I want to call it…

The guideline of writing.

The guideline of writing is easy: 

In case you might most seemingly well most seemingly want to define your pondering, remember something necessary, or talk about something clearly, write it down.

Let’s ruin down every of these benefits, and gaze the model you might most seemingly well most seemingly mark the rule of thumb of writing give you the results you want.

Sure pondering

Agree with you ever ever experienced the next:

You might most seemingly well need a search recordsdata from for a colleague, nonetheless whenever you search recordsdata from it, they do no longer rather be aware. You strive and exhibit it, nonetheless as you attain, you clumsily fumble your words–only to appear you have not entirely belief thru your search recordsdata from.

After experiencing this difficulty enough cases myself, I’ve started writing down questions sooner than asking them. Typically once I attain so, a humorous thing happens:

I either:

  • decide I in actuality want to search recordsdata from a actually assorted search recordsdata from 
  • now no longer gaze the necessity to search recordsdata from the search recordsdata from
  • determine the answer to the search recordsdata from myself

There’s a easy reason within the abet of this phenomenon:

Sure writing results in sure pondering, and vice-versa.

Improves figuring out, reminiscence, and application

Skilled copywriters know that realistic one of many one programs to be taught to jot down gigantic reproduction is to transcribe writing from assorted gigantic copywriters. This be aware helps you develop your hold model whereas borrowing from the one practices of others.

The reason this works, is on memoir of whenever you write, you might most seemingly well most seemingly no longer abet nonetheless unhurried down and mediate. Doing so helps you internalize what you have written, whereas concurrently rising your hold skill.

Improves verbal exchange 

When attempting to win my questions into writing, I originate no longer consistently figure things out on my hold. But also to serving to me mediate clearly, this exercise helps me to appear forward to what questions my partner might most seemingly well unbiased need.

It moreover helps to chase away from what I’ve written and return to it later. As Bezos explained, this helps you to edit “with a unique mind,” and abet you additional define your verbal exchange.

On this blueprint, whenever you are prepared to half your ideas with others, you are environment the stage for a high-quality discussion, ensuing in higher work shifting forward.

So, the next time it’s essential:

  • Be taught 
  • Perceive
  • Keep in mind
  • Prepare
  • Keep up a correspondence

…or higher leverage the collective intelligence of your team, care for a page out of Jeff Bezos’s playbook, and be aware the ‘rule of writing.’

It’ll mark you higher–and mark each person else higher, too.

(In case you experience the classes in this text, make sure to set in for my free emotional intelligence direction, where each day for 10 days you fetch a an analogous rule designed to indicate you might most seemingly well most seemingly mark feelings give you the results you want, rather than towards you.)

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