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Why He’s Finishing 100 Ironman-Distance Triathlons in 100 Days

It’s 81 degrees at 2 p.m., and James Lawrence, who is grinding thru his fourth working mile for the day, publicizes in a raspy allege that he feels “mountainous.” He also will most certainly be mendacity.

Lawrence, who is furthermore is named the Iron Cowboy, is on day 92 of 100 of a self-created say known as the Overcome 100. The arrangement is to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112.21 miles, and flee 26.2 miles for 100 days in a row. With the support of his wife Sunny, the 45-one year-broken-down created a direction procedure his house in Lindon, Utah, even convincing the metropolis to inaugurate its outside pool on March 1, when he started the toddle.

Now 12,931.4 miles later, Lawrence appears to be like tired. His shins are taped, his skin is red, and at this level, his “flee” is more of a brisk stroll. However he’s surrounded by supporters making as we disclose’s toddle with him. He’ll not quit. And despite his former appearance, he’s smiling. When asked why he’s doing it, his acknowledge is easy.

“I desired to say my physique and mind,” Lawrence says. “Seventy-five didn’t scare me, so it wanted to be 100.”

Lawrence has built a profession out of doing arduous things. In 2008, after shedding his house and automobile in the recession, he left his job as a mortgage broker and started over. He went to work for his partner’s father at a nonprofit that invests in solutions for water shortage known as In Our Have Gathered Contrivance. At the identical time, he was once reaching physical dreams that confirmed him how to stay without doubt and disaster.

Lawrence’s endurance toddle started when his wife signed him up for a marathon—but sticking to fair working bored him. His buddy challenged him to flee a elope triathlon, which unfolded a total unusual world. After his first skills working a half-Ironman in 2008, he was once crooked.

In 2011, Lawrence carried out 20 half-Ironman distances in 22 weeks, accidentally setting a world file, after which in 2012, he carried out 30 fleshy-Ironman distances in a one year, averaging fair underneath 12 hours for all 30 races, to predicament one other world file. Wanting an unprecedented more fearless arrangement, Lawrence then carried out 50 Ironman triathlons in 50 states in 50 days in 2015, whereas raising money for In Our Have Gathered Contrivance.

So, what does one form next after reaching all that? Precisely what Lawrence is making an strive now. He calls these 100 days of swimming, biking, and working his retirement. (And whereas the Overcome 100 direction is the identical length as a fleshy Ironman-distance triathlon, it is not sanctioned by Ironman.)

For the Overcome 100, Lawrence is dedicating funds raised to Operation Underground Railroad, which saves trafficked kids and seeks to place an dwell to itsy-bitsy one slavery. He has raised about $200,000 to this level, about $50,000 short of his fundraising arrangement.

On mornings when he doesn’t feel adore getting up and doing and to the pool by 5: 30 a.m., Lawrence thinks referring to the cause. However he furthermore thinks about his family, the example he wants to predicament for his five kids, and the feeling of reaching a seemingly most not going arrangement.

“The ‘why’ modifications each day. Some days I the truth is must fight to acquire a ‘why,’” he says. “However in the tip, it’s about doing what I predicament out to form—what I said I was once going to form. We’re all born with sure stages of grit, but we opt whether or not or to not domesticate it. I’m forever noteworthy my private tenacity—I forever include.”

To train for the Overcome 100, Lawrence logged bike and swimming miles to top his physique for the volume he would face. He kept working to a minimum to prevent injuries from impact. His philosophy is that after building a spoiled, the first 10 140.6-mile days will train your physique for the subsequent 10 days and so on.

“Most other folks wait till they judge they’ve doubtlessly the most attention-grabbing thought. Don’t. True lunge for it.”

Despite his fitness level and skills, Lawrence is facing a level of wretchedness and damage that he by no procedure has earlier than. He has skilled hip discomfort, an ankle sprain, and shooting wretchedness in both shins. To reduction restoration, he spends about two hours in an Eleve Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber that’s determined up in his house every night. He furthermore ensures he’s intriguing about 10,000 calories worth of anti-inflammatory foods, in general shoveling fuel in his mouth from the moment he wakes up, as he bikes and runs, till he falls to sleep.

“It silent hurts,” he says. “One of doubtlessly the most attention-grabbing classes I’ve realized on this skills is that I will tolerate a better level of wretchedness than I once conception. In many ways, though, I feel adore the wretchedness is divine intervention. Loads of the opposite folks who include joined us for the flee include told me that they build not need been in a position to form it if it wasn’t for the slower tempo.”

man applying tape to his legs


Lawrence is silent transferring at a first price clip, averaging a 11: 27/mile tempo for the flee. Some other folks be half of him for 3 miles and others quit for the total flee. Lucy Lawrence—who is his social media supervisor, publicist, and 18-one year-broken-down daughter—estimates that more than 1,000 other folks include joined him on one or the total portions of the Overcome 100 to this level.

“The neighborhood enhance has been illustrious,” he says. “To include the skill to portion this with others has been a trusty reward.”

He welcomes supporters and hopes to educate them that, with work and sacrifice, mountainous dreams are that that you just can even imagine. As Lawrence hobbles thru the fifth mile of the day’s marathon, he stares straight ahead. The countdown to 100 is correct down to single digits.

“Ought to that you just must say yourself, the toughest component to form is inaugurate,” he says. “Most other folks wait till they judge they’ve doubtlessly the most attention-grabbing thought. Don’t. True lunge for it. You may maybe maybe maybe well be taught and develop on the toddle.”

Lawrence is expected to achieve the Overcome 100 on Tuesday, June 8.

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