Why Kourtney Kardashian Did now not Desire Scott Disick Back When They Were Both Single

Kourtney Kardashian Drained of Household Siding With Ex Scott Disick

Consistency is key.

On this clip from Thursday’s series finale of Maintaining Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian will get appropriate with sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian about her relationship with Scott Disick. Particularly, Kourtney is pissed off alongside with her beloved ones encouraging her to reunite with the Talentless boss.

While the Poosh founder may perhaps well now not be prouder of Scott, she reveals there is a motive they’re now not support collectively. “I appropriate after all feel devour I’m after all over it with my family enabling Scott, because they enact now not know the total info,” she explains to the KUWTK camera. “When Scott and I broke up, I set apart apart sure boundaries with him.”

Even even supposing Kourtney praises Scott for making “so many necessary existence improvements,” the latter’s alleged lack of consistency looks to be to misfortune the oldest Kardashian. Buying for readability, Kim asks Kourtney point easy if the mom of three plans to ever impart, “Or now not it is never gonna happen.”

In response, Kourtney reveals, “However I do now not know that or now not it is never gonna happen.”

Working out the set apart apart Kourtney is coming from, Khloe explains that their astronomical sister is restful ready on some consistency from Scott. On why she’s pissed off alongside with her sisters, Kourtney explains, “You guys in most cases agree with him, and that you simply may perhaps per chance even be devour, ‘Sure! Kourtney, what is she doing? Why is now not she taking it seriously? You are going to have modified so noteworthy.'”


After Kim asks what they need to enact to exchange, Kourtney advises her sisters “to dwell agreeing with him” and to “build it support on him.” Per Mason Disick‘s mom, there are things Kourtney has asked of Scott that haven’t occurred.

While acknowledging Kourtney’s feelings, Khloe shares, “I’m sorry that you simply may perhaps per chance even be feeling devour that, especially out of your sisters and positively that is now not our intent at all. We’re going to each and every enact better, and that you simply may perhaps per chance even be appropriate a hundred p.c.”

Even even supposing Kourtney appreciates Kim and Khloe listening to her out, she makes it determined that she restful wants her ex to after all feel supported. She adds, “I appropriate explain the appropriate for him is to set apart apart it support on him and study to be accountable.”

For this candid dialog, imprint the clip above.

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