Witness a preview of the Perseverance touchdown from the POV of the descent stage

This high-resolution image shows one of the six wheels aboard NASA's Perseverance Mars rover, which landed on Feb. 18, 2021. The image was taken by one of Perseverance's color Hazard Cameras (Hazcams).
This excessive-resolution image exhibits one of many six wheels aboard NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover, which landed on Feb. 18, 2021. The image became taken by one of Perseverance’s coloration Hazard Cameras (Hazcams). NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA’s Perseverance rover can even only just appropriate maintain arrived on Mars this week, but it absolutely’s already busy exploring its atmosphere. And the engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) had been busy as successfully, processing the first photos from the many cameras on board the rover.

Likely the most scrumptious image released to this point is a sneak preview of photos of the touchdown itself, captured from a by no methodology-sooner than-seen attitude. Perseverance is the first rover to maintain extra than one cameras on its Entry, Descent, and Touchdown system which ought to maintain recorded photos of the touchdown because it took place. We can even even be in a predicament to glance video of the touchdown from the rover’s point of view quickly.

To whet your stride for food, JPL released this not likely aloof image of the rover dangling over the Martian floor because it headed toward the bottom.

This high-resolution still image is part of a video taken by several cameras as NASA's Perseverance rover touched down on Mars on Feb. 18, 2021. A camera aboard the descent stage captured this shot.
This excessive-resolution aloof image is phase of a video taken by plenty of cameras as NASA’s Perseverance rover touched down on Mars on Feb. 18, 2021. A camera aboard the descent stage captured this shot. NASA/JPL-Caltech

Gregorio Villar, programs engineer for the Entry, Descent, and Touchdown (EDL) team at JPL, previously told Digital Traits about his excitement to glance photos from the cameras on the EDL system. He stated the cameras had been fitted on a “finest effort foundation,” with the engineers hopeful that they may perchance pick impressive photos but no longer fully obvious they may perchance work, and he described them as “a cherry on prime for the mission.”

From the appears to be like to be of the first aloof image that has been released, it sounds as if the cameras can even even maintain exceeded expectations, taking pictures a dazzling, crisp coloration image of the rover because it is some distance reduced on cables from the jetpack-treasure descent stage in a touchdown job known as the skycrane maneuver.

We can request to glance extra photos and movies of the touchdown within the lengthy bustle, as there had been seven cameras on diversified aspects of the hardware. Villar previously stated the photos he became most eager to glance became from the three cameras on prime of the pill pointed upward, as they ought to maintain captured the deployment of the supersonic parachute which engineers maintain by no methodology seen happen on Mars sooner than.

More recordsdata from the EDL cameras, no longer to mention all of the opposite cameras on Perseverance treasure its science and engineering cameras, ought to come by method of within the subsequent few days and weeks, which JPL plans to fragment with the final public.

As for the rover itself, it is some distance at the moment healthy and successfully, with every little thing working as expected. The next basic step within the mission is the beginning of its mast, which holds two navigation cameras as well to 2 science instruments, SuperCam and Mastcam-Z. The mast will be raised into residing nowadays, Saturday, February 20. Then we ought to be in for a treat of panoramic photos of the rover’s atmosphere captured by the navigation cameras.

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