Wolff: F1 correct of review no longer about punishing Verstappen

The world champion squad wanted the FIA to think again its willpower no longer to investigate Verstappen for pushing Hamilton huge at they battled for the lead at Interlagos final weekend.

Nonetheless, despite submitting new proof alongside with the forward going through onboard photography from Verstappen’s automobile, the FIA rejected Mercedes’s case.

Talking sooner than the closing verdict came out, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff explained that the most most well-known motivation in the aid of the review became once no longer to verify out to salvage Verstappen a penalty.

As an quite plenty of, it became once about getting some clarity about the tips of racing, with the FIA’s verdict on Verstappen’s riding inconsistent with other incidents where penalties were handed down.

Wolff talked about: “It is more about the principle and the philosophy.

“Consequently of if it stays that procedure, which implies overtaking from the out of doorways is somewhat noteworthy no longer that it is probably going you’ll perchance imagine anymore, since the internal controls the nook totally.

“Now that is anyway the case, however sooner than, when a automobile is subsequent to you, you wanted to go a automobile width, and that is the reason no longer the case [now].

“So we correct decide on to prefer it to the stay, contain a judgement on that and then adapt if main for the previous couple of races. You’d also stare among the drivers contain actually expressed the identical concept.”

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB16B

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB16B

Checklist by: Charles Coates / Motorsport Footage

He added: “It is more the staunch the racing consequences that it has, and I contain a actually solid concept about that.

“It is actually main to brand what’s on and what’s no longer on for the subsequent few races, because we create no longer need this championship to be made up our minds by a extremely controversial danger that will perchance well stay wide awake in the stewards’ room again, and with a complete lot polarisation afterwards.”

Wolff talked about that getting clarity on what is and is no longer allowed in the case of pushing other drivers off target became once main for laying ground tips that will perchance well confidently stay the world championship being made up our minds in the courts.

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“We create no longer decide on to lastly stay wide awake after Saudi Arabia or Abu Dhabi, wherever it will most likely perchance stay, in a single or the other direction, and it going to the stewards’ room, or to the Worldwide Court of Allure because and not using a doubt one of the team feels it wasn’t treated rightly. So that’s the reason now could well well be the time for this championship to talk about the tips.”

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