WWE NXT Stand & Allege Results: Winners, Grades, Response and Extra from Night 1

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    Whereas WWE WrestleMania 37 could well well well be this weekend, NXT had its own WrestleMania with NXT TakeOver: Stand & Allege situation for 2 nights on Wednesday and Thursday. Each nights had can no longer-omit cards, but Night 1 used to be determined to situation a precedent that used to be moving for any pronounce to utilize.

    In the foremost match, Io Shirai wanted to keep down the one woman she had no longer been in a keep to defeat yet: Raquel Gonzalez. Gonzalez has been dominant for months, but The Genius of the Sky has been dominant for the past year. Finest one woman could well well well stand on the height of NXT.

    For the foremost time since he won the title at NXT TakeOver: Contemporary York, WALTER stepped onto the NXT TakeOver stage to defend his NXT UK Championship. His opponent used to be one of the principal preferrred NXT has ever considered, Tommaso Ciampa.

    The NXT Tag Crew Championships had been furthermore on the line as MSK, The Grizzled Young Veterans and Legado del Fantasma competed to crown the next leader of the mark team division.

    Kushida and Pete Dunne had their very own title to battle over. Each claim to be the preferrred technical wrestler in NXT, but most productive one man is presumably the preferrred. They would battle with the total lot in their arsenal to produce the many man post.

    Taking a detect forward to Night 2 of NXT TakeOver, NXT North American champion Johnny Gargano waited for the winner of the Gauntlet Eliminator. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Leon Ruff, Bronson Reed, Cameron Grimes, Dexter Lumis and LA Knight all had a likelihood to rewrite their legacies with a victory.

    NXT TakeOver: Stand & Allege had the air of one thing in actuality huge. The black-and-gold stamp skills did no longer correct must work as the opening act to WrestleMania weekend. They had been having a detect to take dangle of the total week.

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    The cocky Toni Storm wore down Zoey Stark early, but she refused to keep the match away. She went to the stop rope with a understanding that used to be stopped cold thanks to a superplex from Stark. Storm correct barely dodged a Colorful Wizard most productive to catch planted with a German suplex.

    Stark connected on the Colorful Wizard for 2. After a detailed to-tumble counter from Storm, Stark hit a superkick for 2. A series of suplexes situation up Storm Zero, but Stark cradled her opponent for a shock three-rely.


    Stark def. Storm by pinfall.




    This used to be a solid opener that will were on the foremost card, notably if it had from now on or less produce. The 2 still positioned on a match that must be a extreme feud starter and showcased the skills of the girls folks in every 2d.

    The closing stretch used to be notably solid and confirmed the two absorb noteworthy more within the tank for the prolonged bustle. Stark has been a dwelling of fire since debuting in NXT, and notably if she retains defeating skills care for Storm, she goes to snappy change into a family name alongside that level of skills.

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    Kushida tripped up Pete Dunne early to showcase his technical prowess, but The Bruiserweight grew to alter into the battle snappy into a brawl. They battled onto the ramp, the keep the Jap Necessary individual sent Dunne careening support into the ring with a prolonged running knee.

    The Bruiserweight snapped the fingers of Kushida to situation up a Bitter Slay, however the Jap Necessary individual countered into a fisherman suplex. The counters persevered from the technical to the physical to the athletic as the males traded blows and holds the total come to the stop rope.

    Kushida flipped Dunne off the stop rope correct into the Hoverboard Lock. The Bruiserweight made it to the ropes twice as Kushida persevered to shift holds. The Bruiserweight, even though, caught the Jap Necessary individual’s fingers in his tight grip.

    He snapped the fingers, landed a vicious roundhouse, then hit the Bitter Slay to take.


    Dunne def. Kushida by pinfall.




    This used to be gentle technical wrestling from two of completely the highest. The 2 correct clicked in a come few can, constructing to a ferocious series of counters down the stretch. Certainly, the preferrred disappointment used to be that these two did no longer catch to compete longer.

    The pacing used to be tight but did no longer reasonably attain the stop equipment. These males absorb hundreds more to give ahead of this feud must be over. Build these two in a submission match and provides them 20 minutes or more to pronounce what more or less viciousness they’ll unleash.

    Dunne won this match, but confidently it is no longer the stop. If it is, it could well well well be a shame, as Kushida can utilize this contention to at final attain the next level.

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    Isaiah “Swerve” Scott attacked Leon Ruff within the support of the curtain ahead of the match could well well well inaugurate, and the battle persevered across the ring. Leon Ruff fought support, even hitting an emphatic spinning cutter off the divulge desk. “The Big” Bronson Reed arrived and threw every around with power the two males could well well well no longer match.

    No one used to be set aside away in this match ahead of Cameron Grimes arrived and sold the support of Swerve. The Technical Savage took out The Big with a moonsault ahead of keeping apart Ruff. As Dexter Lumis arrived and DDTed Reed on the ramp, Swerve pinned Ruff to set aside away with him.

    Grimes and Scott struggled against the methodical focal point of The Tortured Artist ahead of The Big purchased support within the ring. Each person used to be laid out as LA Knight arrived and mocked the many competitors. Reed grabbed him by the hair and threw him into the ring.

    Lumis caught Grimes within the Silence, but Knight slipped in and pinned The Tortured Artist for the elimination. All three closing males attacked Knight, and The Big purchased the pinfall elimination off a running senton. Lumis then purchased revenge by knocking out the loudmouth with the Silence.

    Grimes tried to roll up Swerve, but Scott reversed with a handful of tights to catch the next elimination. Swerve planted Reed off the stop rope onto the apron followed by a 450 Splash, but it completely used to be no longer sufficient. A trio of House Calls came next for a extremely close tumble, but The Big wouldn’t lose.

    Reed fought support to hit a powerbomb and reverse piledriver, then the Tsunami for the emphatic victory. Afterward, Johnny Gargano arrived to taunt the brand new No. 1 contender to his title.


    Reed won the Eliminator Gauntlet, final putting off Swerve, to alter into the brand new No. 1 contender to the NXT North American Championship.




    The Gauntlet Eliminator layout served the competitors smartly, but this used to be still an ungainly match in moments. When it used to be on, it used to be electric. Each person used to be clicking. When it used to be off, it used to be still relaxing. The motion used to be snappily and angry.

    The particular MVP of this match used to be Swerve. He and Ruff had the preferrred sequence of the match within the opening minutes. He ran the total come to the raise out, and he had a practically-as-correct final sequence with Reed. It used to be laborious no longer to root for him.

    Knight used to be furthermore highlighted as an athletic loudmouth that practically all efficient misplaced because all people grew to alter into against him. In the end, Reed used to be the excellent man to take. Each person tried to take him out, but he used to be unstoppable. The Big at final grew to alter into the dominant monster he perceived to be when he first arrived in NXT.

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    Tommaso Ciampa’s approach early used to be mostly to outlive. WALTER’s chops made an affect on the challenger, but The Ring Overall uncared for with a nick that broke the stop of the divulge desk in half of. Whereas spectacular, it clearly injured WALTER, and Ciampa had a gap.

    The Blackheart battered the NXT UK champion with running clotheslines that sent him into the ropes. This case up Ciampa to hit the Fairy Chronicle Ending for an even making an are attempting near-tumble. WALTER used to be clearly rattled, no longer in a keep to arise ahead of an emphatic running knee.

    Nonetheless, WALTER caught Ciampa within the ropes for a German suplex and running lariat that practically won. The Blackheart dragged The Ring Overall to the floor to batter him with fists. The 2 fought to the stop rope from which Ciampa hit an over-the-shoulder abdominal-to-support piledriver for a detailed to-tumble.

    The 2 males traded chops within the center of the ring ahead of WALTER threw him to the mat and stomped on Ciampa’s surgically repaired neck. He hit a pair of powerbombs and then a unlock German into a huge boot for the victory.


    WALTER def. Ciampa by pinfall to support the NXT UK Championship.




    It can perchance well well take some time to genuinely take the keep this match stands among the preferrred of WALTER’s astonishing NXT UK Championship reign, but there is absolute self belief that this used to be special. WALTER and Ciampa came to compete in a TakeOver foremost match, no subject the keep they had been on the cardboard.

    Ciampa used to be clearly outmatched bodily in this intense battle of wills, but he celebrated every tactic in his book, notably carrying down the hand of The Ring Overall. The come the match slowly purchased out of hand for The Blackheart sold a account so noteworthy assorted from the leisure else on this card.

    WALTER had to support. His reign has carried NXT UK forward, a stamp that could well well regularly be forgotten. Confidently, he’ll proceed to catch possibilities to compete in NXT and NXT UK over the arriving months and years.

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    This match used to be all motion from the opening bell. The groups went after every assorted, unafraid to keep their our bodies on the line. In express, Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde dived onto the field to take over the match early.

    Finest Wes Lee and Nash Carter could well well well alternate the momentum, going off in a flurry of motion that used to be practically very no longer going to utilize. MSK practically purchased the take on James Drake, but Zack Gibson took Lee out of the motion within the gash of time.

    Gibson trapped the injured hand of Lee within the turnbuckle ahead of Drake hit a dropkick into the turnbuckle. Gibson then locked within the Shankly Gates. Carter barely stopped his accomplice from tapping out. Legado del Fantasma went after Lee as smartly, practically stealing the take.

    Grizzled Young Veterans and MSK took out Legado del Fantasma individually to leave the rival groups within the center of the ring. Carter reversed the Mark to Mayhem into a double cutter followed by an elevated blockbuster alongside with his accomplice to give MSK the emphatic take.


    MSK def. Grizzled Young Veterans and Legado del Fantasma by pinfall to alter into the brand new NXT mark team champions.




    The mark groups knew what their feature used to be on this evening, and so all of them delivered on the adrenaline spike. Legado del Fantasma will absorb felt care for the strange team out. As a replacement, the team dominated the foremost half of of this match with out ever slowing down.

    Composed, the core account of the match used to be MSK vs. GYV. The come the match boiled down to the two groups on the very stop worked wonders. At the stop, Lee and Carter purchased their revenge and earned what they ought to still absorb had all alongside following their efficiency within the Dusty Rhodes Tag Crew Traditional.

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    Io Shirai straight away went after Raquel Gonzalez with headscissors takedowns and dropkicks, followed by a huge suicide dive. Dakota Kai attacked The Genius of the Sky, inflicting the referee to throw her out. Surprisingly, even then Gonzalez used to be no longer in a keep to match the champion’s tenacity.

    Shirai practically caught the challenger with a sunset flip powerbomb and then locked in a crossface. When Gonzalez escaped, The Genius of the Sky followed inaugurate air to hit a moonsault on the ramp and then running double knees into the stage.

    Even that used to be no longer sufficient as Shirai hit a diving crossbody off the 20-foot skull on the stage. In the end, Shirai hit her signature moonsault, but Gonzalez still kicked out.

    Outside the ring, the challenger hit a single-arm powerbomb on the floor to catch support in this battle. The Genius of the Sky wouldn’t give in with out fret, but she used to be unable to kick out after a 2d single-arm powerbomb within the center of the ring.


    Gonzalez def. Shirai by pinfall to alter into the brand new NXT girls folks’s champion.




    Shirai is in actuality an all-time huge even this early in her WWE bustle. She makes all people search better. Gonzalez had a pair of miscues in this contest, but The Genius of the Sky pushed her via with out lacking a single beat alongside the come.

    From the moonsault inaugurate air to the crossbody off the skull, Shirai introduced it all, making Gonzalez search in actuality undefeatable when she survived. Even after the total lot, the historic reign of the NXT girls folks’s champion used to be emphatically ended by the most dominant woman in NXT.

    This used to be the excellent transfer. It used to be time to take a brand new course, and Gonzalez earned this alternative with a year of determined unrelenting development. Whereas she could well well well by no plan be as correct as Shirai, she can be able to for certain assemble her own legacy.

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