WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Response and Highlights from August 30

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    WWE has officially moved on from SummerSlam as we commence up to conclude awake for the next broad pay-per-glimpse on September 26, Vulgar Guidelines.

    Following his opt over Goldberg at SummerSlam, Bobby Lashley teamed up with Sheamus for a tag team match against Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest on final week’s Raw.

    Lashley used to be supposed to battle Sheamus this week, nevertheless WWE changed route and booked The Celtic Warrior in a sure match.

    Final week also seen the reliable breakup of Eva Marie and Doudrop. The feeble Piper Niven used to be giving an interview when Marie attacked her with an instruments crate. This week, Doudrop used to be given a risk to fetch some payback on her feeble “Mentor.”

    Let’s salvage a peek at the entirety that came about on Monday’s episode of WWE Raw.

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    Damian Priest came out at the tip of the convey and welcomed everybody to Raw forward of issuing an birth space for the US Championship. Sheamus came out to settle for the space, nevertheless Drew McIntyre rapidly joined him.

    Lashley and MVP also joined the conversation. The All Mighty used to be attempting so that you may maybe add every other title to his resume. The clown automobile continued to promote off as Randy Orton and Riddle came out to chat some trash. Lashley acknowledged he may maybe well just salvage their tag titles if they are no longer cautious.

    Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce came out to fetch Priest vs. Sheamus vs. McIntyre for the U.S. title and RK-Bro vs. MVP and Lashley for the tag titles reliable.

    Grade: C+


    This section used to be fair if just a microscopic crowded. Priest opening the convey used to be a nice substitute of wander, especially because it appears to be like to be like fancy he is lastly accomplished with The Miz and John Morrison.

    MVP being booked for a tag match with Lashley map the marketed bout between Lashley and Sheamus used to be canceled.

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    Nia Jax accompanied Shayna Baszler to the ring for her match against Rhea Ripley. Nikki A.S.H. used to be at ringside to improve Ripley.

    The Queen of Spades centered on Ripley’s arm compatible away to situation her up for a submission. The feeble Raw females’s champion ate a stiff kick to the pinnacle nevertheless peaceable kicked out at two.

    Baszler continued to dominate as the convey within the cut value of to a commercial. She used to be peaceable in firm administration after we returned, nevertheless Ripley used to be beginning to convey signs of lifestyles as she dared Baszler to kick her many conditions.

    Jax attacked Nikki at ringside, and the distraction allowed Baszler to roll Ripley up, nevertheless Ripley rolled the pin over and stole the opt. Jax came in and hit her with a Samoan tumble compatible away.

    Grade: B


    WWE needs to resolve if it wants to ruin up Jax and Baszler and just pull the trigger. This succor-and-forth stuff is beginning to wear skinny.

    Baszler appeared vicious for the interval of the first half of of the match, which is how she may maybe moreover just peaceable continuously be booked. This used to be one of the first conditions since her breakout performance at Elimination Chamber 2020 that she has had a risk to shine on her obtain.

    The friendship between Ripley and Nikki is peaceable a work in development, nevertheless they’d maybe moreover just develop into an keen duo with the staunch opportunities.

    This used to be a physical contest with some plentiful map. Each and every females came a long way off from this making an are attempting fancy harmful competitors, which is no longer continuously an straightforward thing to do in a singles match.

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    Shanky sat this one out whereas Jinder Mahal and Veer took on Erik and Ivar in tag team journey. Veer and Ivar started for his or her groups with a typical lockup right into a headlock.

    Erik tagged in, and he and Ivar hit a double-team transfer for a rapid two-depend. The feeble Raw tag team champions saved the newcomer isolated for just a microscopic, nevertheless an unorthodox Thesz press allowed Veer to fetch the tag to Mahal.

    They within the cut value of Ivar off from his partner with snappily tags, nevertheless the powerhouse used to be by no map going to conclude down for prolonged. He cartwheeled right into a kick forward of bringing Erik succor in.

    Ivar took out Veer and Shanky with a senton from the apron, leaving Mahal by himself to salvage the Viking Abilities. Erik made the duvet and scored the opt.

    Grade: B


    This used to be a rapid nevertheless fun microscopic tag team match. Mahal and Veer made a correct team, nevertheless Erik and Ivar had been the accurate stars right here.

    The easiest segment about right here’s that it appears to be like to be like fancy WWE is attempting to construct up some competition within the Raw tag team division. The trio of Veer, Shanky and Mahal may maybe moreover develop into fancy The Recent Day and cycle other folks in and out of matches.

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    Priest’s first U.S. title defense started at the backside of the first hour. All three males appeared ready to battle forward of the announcer had accomplished his introduction.

    Priest and McIntyre ended up forming a non everlasting alliance so that they’d maybe moreover just beat up Sheamus, nevertheless the Irishman rolled out of the ring to flee their wrath. Priest adopted with a dive from the ropes to salvage him down. Sheamus used to be dumped into the timekeeper’s house, leaving Priest and McIntyre to battle between themselves.

    We returned to peek Sheamus succor within the battle and up to the heed. He ran McIntyre into the ring put up so he may maybe moreover level of interest on the U.S. champion. Priest build aside him in a modified triangle choke nevertheless had to initiate when Sheamus rolled it right into a pin.

    All three males came conclude to worthwhile at diverse parts forward of we went to a 2nd ruin. We came succor to peek all three competitors making an are attempting winded as they tried no matter they’d maybe well imagine of to build every other away.

    McIntyre spiked Sheamus with the Future Shock DDT and lined up for the Claymore, nevertheless he bumped into an broad knee from The Celtic Warrior. The Archer of Infamy ended up conserving the title when he hit McIntyre with his finisher. McIntyre shook his hand to convey him some respect after it used to be over.

    Grade: A


    This used to be three broad dudes beating the hell out of 1 every other. What extra may maybe moreover it is likely you’ll maybe well per chance like out of a talented wrestling match?

    The feud between Sheamus and McIntyre is nicely-traveled territory, nevertheless adding Priest and the U.S. title to the combo helped fetch this of route feel much less fancy just every other chapter of their ongoing legend. It felt recent.

    All three males appeared not likely in this performance and helped fetch Raw’s midcard title of route feel principal. This bout would obtain been compatible at house on any PPV card and would obtain been one of the highlights. Priest beating two feeble WWE champions is surely his finest opt to this level.

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    Doudrop did no longer even await the bell. She attacked Marie as rapidly as she obtained to the ring. She counted the pin herself whereas the ref tried to fetch her to conclude.

    He ended up declaring Marie unable to compete tonight, so Doudrop grabbed the mic and announced herself as the winner.

    Grade: Incomplete


    There used to be no match, so there’s no longer any longer powerful to grade. Doudrop clearly may maybe moreover obtain won easily, so it is uncommon that WWE felt the desire to lengthen this feud by booking it this fashion. The gang used to be slightly silent for all of this, too.

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    Karrion Kross used to be up subsequent for a match against a man who hasn’t been on Raw nearly ample in recent months, Humberto Carrillo.

    Kross took administration early, and rather than a rapid burst of offense from Carrillo, he dominated the massive majority of the match. He accomplished the bout with the Kross Jacket submission.

    Grade: C-


    Kross went from being an enticing character in NXT to being a reject from Demolition in a pair of month. Or no longer it is of route excellent how WWE has bungled his transition to the predominant roster without Scarlett.

    This used to be a rapid, uneventful match that now and again scratched the ground of what both of these competitors can do. What they did do appeared correct, nevertheless it wasn’t ample.

    The gang gave Kross nearly no reaction. Or no longer it is accomplish of sad because he is de facto a correct wrestler who’s in total an broad extensive title with the staunch booking.

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    After her partner fought Ripley earlier within the convey, Jax had a singles match against Charlotte Flair. Unfortunately for her, the Raw females’s title used to be no longer on the line. Baszler opted no longer to accompany her to the ring.

    The Queen rolled out of the ring to preserve a long way off from Jax as she charged at her. They within the spoil locked up, and the champ had to resort to pulling some hair to ruin Jax’s grip.

    The Irresistible Force overpowered her when she tried to hit a suplex and fired succor with a headbutt. Charlotte had to salvage a breather at ringside forward of she used to be ready to hit a slingshot crossbody from the ring to the ground.

    They had a stiff alternate at one level that ended with Charlotte taking out Jax’s knee to fetch her ready for the Figure-Eight. In a considerably gorgeous final end result, Jax picked up the opt with a powerbomb.

    Grade: B


    Surprisingly, the crowd began to fetch stupid Jax and chanted her title as she controlled the early segment of the match. She may maybe moreover be a heel, nevertheless the crowd used to be extra within the temper to boo Charlotte.

    They labored to take into accounta good wander and outmoded their particular person strengths to their advantage. Jax centered on her energy, whereas The Queen tried to make whisper of her wander and agility to conclude out of her preserve.

    The match obtained extra intense because it went on and nearly appeared fancy it turned into right into a accurate battle for a few seconds after they started slapping every other. It added some brutality that made the entire thing extra fun to scrutinize, nevertheless it may well probably maybe well be keen to gain out if they went off script.

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    John Morrison used to be supposed to obtain a match against The Miz this week, nevertheless he acknowledged The A-Lister backed out at the final 2nd, so he requested a match against Omos for some inexplicable motive.

    Johnny Drip Drip outmoded his quickness to conclude out of Omos’ fluctuate and hit him with a few strikes, nevertheless the broad man within the spoil obtained his hand on him and threw him over the tip rope to the ground.

    Morrison and Omos mistimed a parkour space at ringside, nevertheless they recovered snappy and bought succor within the ring. AJ Kinds’ deepest colossus hit his two-handed chokeslam for a shockingly snappily opt.

    Grade: C-


    WWE marketed Morrison vs. The Miz and Lashley vs. Sheamus, and it did no longer bring on both promise. The finest marketed match to happen used to be Marie vs. Doudrop, so administration used to be clearly writing this convey compatible up till it started.

    It appeared fancy JoMo would fetch a babyface push after his breakup with The Miz, so it used to be a outlandish resolution to obtain him lose so snappy to Omos in a throwaway match.

    There used to be no accurate trigger of The Miz’s absence, so it used to be doubtlessly mosey points or one thing alongside these traces. Both map, this used to be a uncommon booking resolution.

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    After Omos defeated Morrison, Xavier Woods straight away made his entrance to salvage on Kinds. Omos remained at ringside to scrutinize Kinds’ succor.

    Woods obtained the greater hand compatible away and hit a series of snappily strikes. The Extra special One tried to counter him, nevertheless Woods used to be too snappily and dropped him across the barricade.

    The Recent Day’s resident trombone participant averted the Extra special Forearm by rolling out of the ring, nevertheless he couldn’t preserve a long way off from the baseball traipse dropkick Kinds hit a 2nd later.

    Woods turned into issues around and hung Kinds within the tree of woe for a dropkick to ranking a two-depend. Kinds used to be ready to lock within the Calf Crusher for the submission victory.

    Grade: B-


    Woods has been in a tag team for goodbye that it is straightforward to forget just how correct he is on his obtain. He and Kinds obtain labored collectively many conditions through the years, so it wasn’t gorgeous to peek them build aside on a solid performance.

    Omos had no involvement, so this used to be a pure singles match between two guys who are known for his or her thrilling offense and innovative concepts.

    Even supposing he lost, it is been nice to peek Woods fetch a whereas to shine on his obtain whereas Kofi Kingston is out of journey. He must be in consideration for a U.S. or intercontinental title reign at some level.

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    The major match of the night used to be the Raw Value Team Championship match between The Grief Alternate and RK-Bro. Kinds and Omos stayed by the commentary desk to scrutinize the journey up conclude.

    Riddle went compatible after Lashley once the ref known as for the bell, nevertheless The All Mighty easily countered and hit a vertical suplex for a arrive-tumble.

    As soon as MVP tagged in, Riddle used to be ready to push him to the corner so he may maybe moreover tag Orton. He stomped on MVP’s arms and legs as he appeared Lashley compatible within the search.

    We returned from a ruin to peek Lashley slam Riddle so MVP may maybe moreover fetch a two-depend. The Bro backflipped to his corner so he may maybe moreover fetch the unique tag to a recent Viper.

    He took out Lashley with a rope-hung DDT, nevertheless that distraction allowed MVP to fetch better and hit him with a boot to the face. Riddle hit the Floating Bro on Lashley, nevertheless MVP used to be there to ruin up the pin.

    Riddle prevented Omos from interfering and hit MVP with the Floating Bro for the opt.

    Grade: B+


    WWE has been booking rather plenty of rematches no longer too prolonged ago, nevertheless this week’s convey perceived to develop into self ample from from that fashion and this match used to be one of the prime examples.

    MVP appeared plentiful for a man who has barely wrestled this 300 and sixty five days, nevertheless Orton used to be the one who used to be getting the most fancy from the crowd. He’s as over as any other babyface within the corporate compatible now.

    This used to be a correct major match, nevertheless it is tricky no longer to think Sheamus, Priest and McIntyre would obtain been better suited for this space.

    This week’s convey had extra hits than misses, which is no longer one thing we can recount about most weeks. On the least half of of what took situation is value discovering out.

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