Xbox Engineer Fixes Legacy Gamerpic Bug

A viral Twitter thread about someone’s venerable Xbox 360 Gamertag profile list being cropped strange with every novel Xbox console has triggered one Xbox engineer to head ahead and accurate… repair the difficulty.

As reported by The Verge, Twitter particular person Noukon bought a Pac-Man ghost avatar years ago and has kept it as their profile list ever since. In accordance with Noukon, they bought the Gamerpic for 80 Xbox Points in 2006 and he’ll “be f*cked if it won’t remain the simplest buck I’ve ever spent except the seas boil over.”

With every passing generation, Xbox tries to shame my Pac-Man ghost avatar by horrified it ever smaller and smaller. I is now not going to yield. I sold this gamerpic for 80 Xbox Points in 2006, and I would possibly maybe be fucked if it would also now not remain the simplest buck I’ve ever spent except the seas boil over pic.twitter.com/Ji5ttoUVjh

— Gabriel Roland (@noukon) August 19, 2021

Dangle you ever performed Xbox Sequence X?

Unfortunately, advances in Xbox’s UI methodology the profile pic from 2006 now looks fancy a diminutive sq. surrounding by an empty gray circle. Luckily, Xbox engineer Eden Marie saw Nokoun’s Tweet and determined to head ahead and solve the difficulty, calling it her “inner most mission to repair this.”

Marie posted a plump Twitter thread of her route of, starting with shopping the identical profile list pack as Noukon (for a dearer imprint of $2.38), prior to taking off to diagnose and in a roundabout map solve the difficulty.

Listen, I will now not promise anything, but I will produce it my inner most mission to repair this https://t.co/o1zYjBBHSd

— Eden Marie (@neonepiphany) August 25, 2021

In accordance with Marie, “a truly long time ago someone determined that no matter how immense a Gamerpic we desired to train, the 360 Gamerpic would by no methodology win better than 72 x 72 pixels. The rest of the background is stuffed in with a blown up, old-fashioned model of itself,” Marie says.

The answer, in a roundabout map, lay with the Xbox dashboard’s skill to acknowledge transparent PNG files. This allowed Marie to take hang of the small sq. 360-generation Gamerpic and put it in a transparent circle and alter the dimension, resulting in a mounted, utterly fashioned-taking a scrutinize Pac-Man ghost avatar for Noukon.

Marie became in a position to repair the difficulty in the course of something called Exploration Time which is where people of the Experiences crew can exhaust half a day per week to style out random things internal the product. “This week I absolutely chose to exhaust it to rescue ghosts,” Marie tweeted.

It is rather a few fun, and usually, you even be taught something novel, fancy… it sounds as if 360 gamerpics supported transparency all along?


Anyway, what function you have confidence you studied, @noukon? Feel better about that buck? pic.twitter.com/zxQx7SmHJw

— Eden Marie (@neonepiphany) August 27, 2021

Who’s conscious of, possibly the subsequent time you furthermore mght would possibly maybe be having a strange bid on Xbox Are residing, an Xbox engineer with free time can repair your bid for you?

Matt T.M. Kim is IGN’s Info Editor. You would possibly maybe possibly reach him @lawoftd.

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