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July 13, 2021 ( –

XenData, the provider of extremely scalable knowledge storage solutions, announces availability of an object storage S3 interface for its entire fluctuate of on-premise active archives that offer lengthy-term salvage storage on LTO knowledge tape cartridges. This transforms the XenData archive systems that scale to 100+ petabytes into deepest cloud knowledge repositories that compete with public cloud storage companies and products, comparable to AWS Glacier and the Archive Tier of Azure object storage. The S3 interface is enabled by a easy software upgrade.

For active archives with capacities above 100 TB, storage systems per LTO knowledge tape libraries hang a sparkling entire rate of possession that is considerably lower than public cloud object storage. Most knowledge kept worldwide is frequently accessed but it’s miles retained due to it light has rate. An S3 enabled XenData LTO archive offers restore times of round two minutes, which is factual for quite rather a lot of frequently accessed knowledge repositories. And when put next to AWS Glacier or Azure Archive Tier object storage, the XenData deepest cloud solution offers higher performance at a lower rate, freed from any egress charges.

The modern S3 interface enables a long way away web entry to to a XenData LTO archive from wherever worldwide the utilize of salvage HTTPS. It also helps replication of one LTO archive to a second LTO system at one other space which is prepared to even be on a unparalleled continent.

As effectively as to the S3 interface, XenData launches World Sync, a synchronization carrier that links a pair of S3 enabled LTO archives, growing a single world file system accessible wherever worldwide. As soon as a file is archived to LTO at one space, it becomes on hand as a stub file all the strategy in which by technique of the arena file system. When a user makes a alternate by writing, overwriting or deleting a file, that alternate is propagated to all areas. This offers a fixed up-to-date role of recordsdata all the strategy in which by technique of your entire distributed group.

When recordsdata are restored from one other space, they’re transferred straight the utilize of be taught about-to-be taught about, multi-threaded HTTPS, which delivers salvage rapidly file transfers. The World Sync carrier uses a cloud database, but the recordsdata themselves are never kept in public cloud object storage, warding off cloud storage and egress costs. Furthermore, since the modern carrier simplest synchronizes file system metadata, it requires minimal Internet bandwidth.

Dr. Phil Storey, XenData CEO, commented, “Our modern deepest cloud solutions support the shapely aspects of LTO on-premises archives which encompass rate-efficient scalability and adds the benefit of distributed web entry to which has traditionally been connected to public cloud storage.”

About XenData

XenData is a world provider of decent knowledge storage solutions optimized for video and other applications with high volumes of orderly recordsdata. It offers reducing-edge hybrid cloud solutions and extremely scalable on-premises active archive systems. XenData has customers in over 90 worldwide locations, including government organizations, world media firms and other orderly firms. For more knowledge, test with:


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