Yankees yarn and son of Italy: Pioneering ‘Poosh ‘Em Up’ Tony Lazzeri

“Tony Lazzeri: Yankees Story and Baseball Pioneer” by Lawrence Baldassaro; College of Nebraska Press (352 pages, $34.95)


Before DiMaggio, there used to be Lazzeri.

A dwelling speed hero, Tony Lazzeri used to be fundamental to the Yankees’ legendary Murderers’ Row. A son of immigrants, he broadened the sport’s allure and gave millions of Italian-People a feature mannequin.

He used to be a afraid, serious gentleman who did this whereas enduring revolting bigotry and secretly fighting a critical scientific condition.

Lawrence Baldassaro’s “Tony Lazzeri: Yankees Story and Baseball Pioneer” tells the anecdote, and it’s one too many accept as true with forgotten.

Lazzeri’s of us, Agostino and Giulia, left Genoa downhearted in 1903. On the ship’s manifest, Agostino’s occupation used to be listed as “peasant.” The couple settled in San Francisco, and by the raze of the twelve months, had a son.

Lifestyles used to be animated.

“I assume I used to be a rather tricky shrimp one,” Tony Lazzeri talked about later. “The neighborhood wasn’t one in which a boy used to be more probably to grow as a lot as be a sissy, for it used to be continuously fight or rep licked, and I never got licked.”

When he used to be 15, Lazzeri’s high college “invited” him to head away. It used to be no surprise.

“I boxed, performed ball and did all the pieces however see,” he admitted. “I assume I’d had been kicked out of college long earlier than I used to be had it no longer been for the truth that I pitched for the college group.”

He dropped out and joined his father working in an iron foundry.

“My pitching stood me in appropriate stead,” he joked. “I would maybe maybe toss a rivet with the ideal of them.”

The teen didn’t stop on baseball, even though. When he used to be 18, he landed a tryout with the minor league Salt Lake Metropolis Bees. The job paid $250 a month. Aloof, Lazzeri held on to his ironworkers’ union card. He’d tackle to it even after he made it to the majors, appropriate in case.

Lazzeri’s first years in the minors had been rocky, bouncing around, playing for outfits esteem the Peoria Tractors. But slowly, he settled in, his sport rising extra fixed. He settled down, too, marrying a damaged-down teammate’s sister.

Soon, the Lazzeri, who frail to thrill them on San Francisco playgrounds, used to be aid. By the raze of the 1925 season, playing for the Bees, he hit 60 dwelling runs – a minor league file. The Main Leagues had been turning into alive to.

There had been handiest two issues.

First, anti-Italian prejudice aloof ran high. 2nd, Lazzeri had epilepsy, a secret he managed to encourage from followers however that plenty of coaches and executives knew. And a complete lot them didn’t desire an Italian or an epileptic, playing the giant American sport.

On the replace hand, Yankees overall manager Ed Barrow didn’t care.

Lazzeri’s ethnicity? Italians weren’t precisely unknown in New York; by the mid-’20s, about 1 million Italians called New York dwelling. Barrow figured having an Italian on the group would maybe maybe even promote tickets. With the Yanks heading to an embarrassing seventh-advise attain that twelve months, they wished your total followers they would maybe maybe rep.

Lazzeri’s epilepsy? It had already afraid off the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs. But Barrow appeared into it and learned Lazzeri’s seizures in most cases came about in the morning. “So long as he doesn’t opt suits between three and six in the afternoon,” Barrow made up our minds, “that’s appropriate ample for me.”

On Aug. 1, 1925, the group signed Lazzeri. His salary used to be $5,000.

The 22-twelve months-frail arrived in New York for the 1926 season with a brand new nickname, “Poosh ‘Em Up,” reportedly impressed by an frail Italian fan’s demand a homerun. Lazzeri additionally entered Yankee Stadium with extra than the well-liked trepidation. No longer handiest had he never performed in the principle leagues – he had never even seen a most fundamental league sport.

If the rookie had been wired, even though, he didn’t mutter it. Lazzeri performed all 155 video games that season and batted in 117 runs, 2d handiest to the group’s neatly-known person, Babe Ruth. Lazzeri additionally emerged because the group’s de facto captain, protecting up morale and calming apprehensive performers esteem Lou Gehrig. That twelve months, the Yankees won the pennant.

Although Lazzeri struck out in his closing at-bat in the assortment, with bases loaded — to his eternal embarrassment — the overall manager didn’t care.

“In our comeback from a calamitous seventh-advise attain to a championship in 1926, there’s one man who stands out above all others,” Barrow wrote later. “Tony Lazzeri. He used to be the making of that ball club, holding it collectively, guiding it, and galvanizing it. He used to be surely one of many ideal ballplayers I in fact accept as true with ever known.”

The next season, the Yankees would turn into surely one of many ideal ball teams ever known.

Their lethal batting lineup – Earle Combs, Price Koenig, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Bob Meusel, and Lazzeri – used to be dubbed Murderers’ Row. Their handiest trustworthy opponents used to be themselves. Ruth matched Lazzeri’s minor league file by pounding out 60 dwelling runs. Lazzeri dilemma a brand new Yankee file by homering three instances in a single, traditional-season sport. Ruth then matched it the next season.

When it used to be time for the 1927 World Series, the Yankees pummeled the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-0.

Then, to novel this wasn’t a fluke, the Yankees came aid in 1928 and swept the Cardinals, too.

Lazzeri on the 1926 World Series with Cardinals outfielder Ernie Orsatti, a damaged-down stunt man who worked for tranquil movie neatly-known person Buster Keaton. His two sons, Ernest F. and Frank, had authorized careers as Hollywood stunt men. Courtesy of the Lazzeri family.

Lazzeri on the 1926 World Series with Cardinals outfielder Ernie Orsatti, a damaged-down stunt man who worked for tranquil movie neatly-known person Buster Keaton. His two sons, Ernest F. and Frank, had authorized careers as Hollywood stunt men. Courtesy of the Lazzeri family.

But in my opinion, things remained advanced for Lazzeri. Although he change into an idol amongst Yankees followers and Italian-People across the country, his heritage used to be aloof mechanically insulted on the discipline and in the newspapers. And, useless to recount, he persevered to fight epilepsy, a condition exacerbated by stress and handled with phenobarbital, a drug that slowed his response time.

Aloof, Lazzeri faced it as he faced all the pieces – with out criticism. He remained a steadying presence on the group, calming veterans and welcoming inexperienced persons, in particular Northern California Italians esteem Joe DiMaggio. And he indulged his contain schoolboy sense of humor, a lot like nailing teammates’ cleats to the locker room flooring.

In 1935, Lazzeri dilemma a brand new file – hitting six dwelling runs in three consecutive video games. This file held until 2002 when the Dodgers’ Shawn Green broke it.

Lazzeri in most cases performed injured, and his performance had been uneven for years. “The consensus used to be that he used to be burned out and nearing the raze of the avenue,” Baldassaro writes.

The 2d basemen himself appeared to agree. “I mediate I am appropriate for one more two or three seasons, however I don’t accept as true with to play anymore, and I won’t,” he announced in 1937. A managing job can be huge, however if that didn’t happen, it used to be OK. “I’ve saved my money,” he added.

It used to be appropriate he had.

After he left the Yankees in 1937, Lazzeri went to the Cubs as a coach and utility outfielder. Abbreviated seasons with the Dodgers and the Giants adopted. Nothing clicked. At final, it used to be aid to the minor leagues, where he managed the Toronto Maple Leafs and performed for his frail place of origin San Francisco Seals.

By 1943, his profession used to be over. Three years later, he used to be learned in his dwelling, on the bottom of a staircase, dumb at 42. The loyal dilemma off is aloof debated.

Fans mourned. Many sportswriters talked about his up-and-down profession, with the Washington Put up’s Shirley Povich writing that his World Series strike out had left Lazzeri “successfully-known extra for one failure than your total heroics he compiled.” But Ed Barrow, the man who hired him, talked about it easiest and handiest: “Surely one of many ideal Yankees of them all.”

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