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You Received Your COVID Shot: What to Develop With the Vaccine Card

By Dennis Thompson

HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, Would possibly possibly maybe 4, 2021 (HealthDay News) — More than 147 million People rep gotten no longer decrease than one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and so that they all rep the identical quiz:

What attain I attain with this immunization card they valid handed me?

Whatever you attain, don’t throw it out, experts enlighten.

An electronic document of your vaccination wants to be filed with your enlighten by whoever gave you the jab, however preserving on to your rep paper document will likely articulate purposeful.

“Since there’s so principal discussion about different entities requiring evidence of vaccination, who knows how that can play out?” acknowledged Dr. William Schaffner, professor of infectious ailments at Vanderbilt Medical Heart in Nashville, Tenn. “For the time being, the count is over 100 colleges and universities rep told their college students that after they return in the tumble they’ll have to reward evidence of getting been vaccinated.”

“There could smartly be different conditions where that comes up in the no longer-too-far-off future, so attain support it in a accurate honest. That you could need it in the advance-term future to achieve this or that,” Schaffner continued.

Store your carried out COVID vaccine card with your different principal papers, experts counsel.

For example, Dr. Amesh Adalja — a senior student with the Johns Hopkins Heart for Neatly being Safety in Baltimore — retains his tucked into his passport, alongside a in actuality same vaccine card for yellow fever.

Experts fluctuate on whether or no longer you should earn the cardboard laminated.

“Some folk rep laminated it, however there’s a warning: A colleague of mine tried to laminate it themselves and messed it up,” Schaffner acknowledged. “Then that they needed to accelerate out and earn a recent card, which was as soon as a bother.”

Place of work offer stores equivalent to Staples and Place of work Depot are offering to laminate playing cards freed from charge, however you should handiest have to pay a couple of dollars to earn a card laminated at your neighborhood copy heart, Schaffner acknowledged.

Schaffner and Adalja rep no longer gotten their playing cards laminated, because extra could have to be added to their inside of most COVID vaccine document.


“I’ve save it in a little bit plastic sleeve, undoubtedly in a baggie, and I’ve save it amongst my different accurate papers. If I need it, then it will be available,” Schaffner acknowledged. “On mine, there’s put on the serve for a booster if I ever need it. That’s principal, and that’s the reason one in every of the explanations I rep no longer laminated it.”

Others enlighten in case you earn your card laminated after that you could possibly smartly be fully immunized, it have to no longer be an fabulous deal because extra sophisticated document-conserving methods — a smartphone app, as an instance — are currently in pattern.

“I would laminate it because by the time a booster comes along, the abilities could rep developed,” Maureen Miller, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia College’s Mailman College of Public Neatly being, told CBS News.

All of the experts agree that snapping a pic of your carried out card and conserving it on your phone is a valid advice, so you rep a readily available copy available. While you happen to save no longer rep a smartphone, support a photocopy of the unique card on your purse or pockets.

You additionally wants to originate certain that to enlighten your major care doc that that you could rep gotten the vaccine, as smartly as the VA or Medicare, to support your inside of most scientific document up thus far. They could ask you for a duplicate of your vaccine card, so be willing to fax or email a duplicate.

But experts fluctuate on whether or no longer you should portion that image on social media like Fb or Twitter, to portion your valid news and serve others to take hang of the jab.

“I did portion it on social media in uncover to reward these that I was as soon as vaccinated and serve them to achieve the identical,” Adalja acknowledged.

Nonetheless, that you could possibly deserve to take hang of steps to imprecise any files that could smartly be historical by identification thieves.

“I would no longer put up it to social media with my birthday exhibiting,” epidemiologist Danielle Ompad, a professor at the NYU College of Global Public Neatly being, told CBS News. “It is far a particular identifier that can even allow any individual to doubtlessly eradicate your identification, so I would first watch out about that.”


Develop no longer pains in case you lose your card, or in case that you could rep already tossed it out after finishing up your vaccination sequence. As mentioned sooner than, an electronic document of your vaccination is disbursed to your enlighten’s smartly being division; ask them for a substitute.

More files

The U.S. Facilities for Disease Adjust and Prevention rep extra about enlighten immunization files methods.

SOURCES: William Schaffner, MD, professor, Preventive Medication and Division of Infectious Ailments, Vanderbilt Medical Heart, Nashville, Tenn.; Amesh Adalja, MD, senior student, Johns Hopkins Heart for Neatly being Safety, Baltimore; CBS News

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