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Zen stones naturally positioned atop pedestals of ice: A phenomenon sooner or later understood

Zen stones naturally placed atop pedestals of ice: a phenomenon finally understood
A laboratory reproduction of the Zen stone phenomenon in a lyophilizer. Credit rating: © Nicolas Taberlet / Nicolas Plihon

Cherish a murals enshrined in a museum, some stones finish up on a pedestal of ice in nature, with out a human intervention. This “Zen stone” phenomenon, named after the stacked stones in Eastern gardens, looks on the ground of frozen lakes, Lake Baikal (Russia) particularly. These constructions result from the phenomenon of sublimation, which causes a physique, in this case ice, to change from stable to gaseous obtain with out the intermediary obtain of a liquid.

This was once as of late demonstrated by researchers from the CNRS and l’Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, who reproduced the phenomenon in the laboratory.

They showed that the shade created by the stone hinders the photo voltaic irradiance that sublimates the ice, thereby sculpting the pedestal. This be taught has helped raise to gentle and realize a uncommon phenomenon of sublimation inner a natural context on Earth.

It was once revealed in the journal PNAS all the design thru the week of 27 September 2021.

A video of the phenomenon reproduced in the laboratory:

Credit rating: CNRS

Extra files:
Sublimation-driven morphogenesis of Zen stones on ice surfaces, PNAS (2021). DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2109107118

Zen stones naturally positioned atop pedestals of ice: A phenomenon sooner or later understood (2021, September 27)
retrieved 27 September 2021

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