Zhang Weili reflects on Rose Namajunas’ ‘higher tiring than crimson’ feedback: ‘It’s no longer a factual element to combine sport with politics’

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Zhang Weili and Rose Namajunas’ first uncover at UFC 261 in April turned plenty extra political than anticipated.

Sooner than the strawweight title conflict, Namajunas gave an interview to Lithuanian media where she expressed her thoughts on her background in conjunction with Zhang’s in a roundabout blueprint leading to her “higher tiring than crimson” feedback.

“I deem it no doubt affected me a little bit,” Zhang Weili urged The MMA Hour (h/t MMA Junkie) when looking out wait on on the ambiance around their fight. “The feedback that Rose made, I deem she was a hit in making the target market boo me. But I deem that’s my have danger because I ought to calm be concentrating on the fight and no longer the target market. I will’t regulate who the target market likes. So I’m turning into extra centered on my have fight.”

Rose Namajunas went on to dethrone Zhang Weili by strategy of a predominant-round knockout in Jacksonville, Florida. At UFC 268 on Nov. 6, they’ll flee it wait on in the night time’s co-predominant event.

“In my thoughts, I deem that, sure, those feedback crossed the line because I deem the total target market, the total opponents, we all approach together in the UFC because we all half the passion of the MMA sport. In my thoughts, I’m coming right here because I want to make chums because we all have the approved admire of martial arts. I deem it’s no longer a factual element to combine sport with politics, but I deem that’s per chance her belief. So in the muse, I realizing it was exact extra or less trash talk. It in actual fact didn’t affect me. But when I went out in the stadium and got booed, I deem Rose desired to use those feedback to make the target market boo me.”

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